Are You Going To Be Like This For The Next Four Years?

Posted: November 11, 2016 in The Roper Files



My wife asked me this earlier this morning as I stared into my coffee cup. Gawd I hope not. But I gotta be honest; I don’t think I was this depressed on 9/11.

The Nazis won. The Great Unwashed turned out in record numbers and voted into the office of the President the most unqualified candidate  ever in the history of our once-great nation. Because “he wasn’t a politician” Because “he’s a great businessman” Because he’s the “star” of one of the stupidest, most inane TV “reality” shows ever to befoul the airwaves of a once-great medium.

And now I am expected to “act my age” and just take it. Accept it. Deal with it.

Act my age…grrr! Talk about something else I don’t want to accept….

I saw the Who perform with Keith Moon back in the 70s. I’m old enough to remember when Phil Collins had a head full of long shoulder-length hair. I lived though the dreadful Reagan/Bush years (and boy did those spawn some GREAT punk bands) as well as the equally dreadful elected Bush years, the Clinton years and the gawd-awful Bush/Cheney regime. And then America elected Barack Obama.

I didn’t vote for him the first time; I think I voted for Ron Paul but in retrospect I’m glad Obama got into office. He conducted himself with a cool, calm dignity under a record number of death threats and a barrage of ridicule on the Internet, mainly from the colostomy bag of right-wing web sites. He got my vote the second time. Then the clown car backed up to the door in 2014 and one by one a long parade of useless assholes stepped out, each one more repugnant than the previous one. They all had virtually the same message, the same spiel, the same sales pitch. Repeal Obamacare. More guns. More war.

And finally after all the debates one stood alone.

The single most unqualified one out of all of them. A spoiled-rotten trust-fund baby who never worked a day in his life, who hasn’t paid taxes in 20 years. A man who was like the lyrics to a Dead Kennedys song come to life. And the morons embraced him with both arms. He catered exclusively to the scum on the bottom of the barrel. The white supremacists, the Klan, the NRA, the “religious right”, the Tea Party. He insulted minorities, Gold Star-decorated veterans, former POWs, women, the disabled, yet somehow he came through unscathed. How could this be? Everyone mocked him. There was NO WAY he would make it past the primaries. The media gave him billions of dollars worth of free publicity, broadcasting his hideous face and irritating Mayor Quimby voice on TV 24/7.

He’s not a politician” Yes I would want a automobile mechanic performing surgery on me because he’s not a physician.

He’s a great businessman” He bankrupted a casino. You’re familiar with those, right? Those places where people save money all year to visit, walk in, dump the money then go to the ATM and get more money and dump that. He beat his own house into bankruptcy. Nice trick if you can afford it I guess.


How stupid can my fellow Americans be? Well they just showed us all, didn’t they? I couldn’t have possibly over-estimated their intelligence more. But what did I expect? I live in a country where gun stores out-number book stores and people think that’s “freedom” Real freedom is not being afraid to leave the house without carrying a gun, but try explaining that to the knuckle-dragging slope-browed, slack-jawed Troglodytes that make up the majority of the population of America.


Tuesday night November 8th will, mark my words, be a night of infamy for this country. The idiots who voted for this pompous jackass will come to regret pulling that lever and putting those two fascist sons of whores into the White House. Those two shysters will be the only winners in this scenario when it’s all over and that’s if they haven’t started World War III and we’re all piles of radioactive ash by then. “Make America Great Againmy aching ass! Gawd help the next person who tells me: “Oh let’s give him a chance

Fuck you. Fuck you twice.

Oh the jackals are gloating on the Internet. “We showed you libtards, hyuk!” Yeah you showed us.


Red states are typically the largest recipients of welfare and EBT cards and you cretins just wait until all of that is gone. Just wait until the highway and interstate system has been privatized and you have to pay tolls just to drive to your menial jobs. And just wait until 90% of the promises that were made to you never come to pass because you put someone in office who doesn’t have a clue how things in Washington really roll. That wall will never be built; besides have any of you stupid gringos driven past a construction site lately and noticed who’s doing the work? You elected a trust-fund baby with the thinnest of skin who whines and cries at any sign of criticism. He can’t take the heat and you put him in a kitchen with nuclear codes. Let’s see how much he REALLY wants to uphold the Constitution then, especially the First Amendment. Yeah you showed us alright.

I’ve been in shock for the last two days. Staring into my coffee as if it was a crystal ball and it would show me the future and even then I’m not sure I want to know. Tuesday night we watched a grim-faced Steven Colbert on the Late Show trying his best to put a positive spin on things and trust me that was painful to watch. Wednesday morning at my menial job I had almost nothing to say to anyone. I overheard one of the higher-ups on their bloated staff gloating about how the next few years were going to be good ones for the aerospace industry; well good for you, asshole. I haven’t had a raise in four years while you lying sacks of shit tell us you can’t afford to give us raises because you only made a million and a half dollars last month, and the goal was two million. Poor babies; fuck you too.

I was walking though the shop and one of my Hispanic workers pulled me aside. “What’s the matter my friend? Are you okay?” I fought back tears as I looked at him and told him I didn’t vote for El Diablo. He just smiled and said: “I know you didn’t

I should have let that make me feel better; it was a noble try on his part.

But as I read about The Evil Ones choices for cabinet members I recoil in pure horror.

Rudy Ghouliani?


Sid Miller? Sarah fucking Palin? Are you fucking kidding me?

Oh this is just getting better and better….feel “great” yet America?

My wife reminds me that it’s wrong to let this get to us (and it IS) ; we only have so much time left on this world as I think to myself we’re going to have even less now.

I’m tired of biting my lip when I want to scream obscenities at this world. I only have two middle fingers.

So… life goes on I guess. I took the day off work today. Just went outside and threw tennis balls around the back yard as my dogs chased them. It just rained; the grass that needs mowing is still too wet to mow. The dogs don’t mind; they run happily around the yard and chase the tennis balls with a gleeful vigor I wish I could muster up right now.

In case you can’t tell I’m trying to put a happy ending on this, but it’s hard. Real hard.

Something has been stolen from me, and I’m not sure what to do about it. But whatever you do, don’t be like me. Hug your partner, same-sex or otherwise. Play with your pets. Enjoy a good meal. Life must go on.

I have faith in what’s left of America’s artists, writers and musicians to react to this appropriately.

We need a good new army of snot-nosed potty-mouthed punk bands to offend the sensibilities of the smug. We need to go on the offense because they aren’t afraid to be offensive. The gloves are off.

They want to do away with “political correctness”? Well be careful what you ask for.

Every pile of poop you flung at Obama for the last eight years is coming back at you in spades, mother fuckers.


Every cheap shot you took at his wife. Every insult you made at his children, it’s all coming back at you, and hard. Just wait. You’ll see. Enjoy your temporary victory. Karma is a cruel bitch. And if I have no other faith in my fellow Americans I have plenty that we can deliver in that department.


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