Not Missing This Guy Much

Posted: December 12, 2012 in The Roper Files


I love my Facebook friends; most of them are really nice people. They post funny pictures, tell me what they are having at mealtimes, and sometimes daily photos of their pets and kids.  They tell me about the ups and downs of their lives, they re-post stuff I saw on Reddit six months ago and then occasionally something like the above pops up on my Wall.

I hated Ronald Reagan 30 years ago and I’m glad he’s dead. He broke the Presidential records for both vacation time in office and creating a record deficit (until Bush Jr. got into office anyway) and yet the Grunting Oinking Pigs canonize his wrinkled ass until this very day. I bet he would have crapped in his Attends to know that in 2004 a black man would someday be elected President and occupy his beloved White House and even more so if he knew he would be re-elected despite all the right-wing pundits predictions otherwise. You didn’t want socialized healthcare? Well screw you  Turkey Neck  I want it and it won’t get here fast enough for me.

My girlfriend is sick. I can’t afford to take her to see a doctor and I can’t afford to take a day off work to take her to a doctor. I can’t afford to put her in an ambulance. Using conservative ” logic”  that’s all my fault, I supposeIt’s my fault I don’t make enough money even though I have a full-time job. It’s my fault I  get up at four in the morning and go to a job I hate whether I feel like it or not every day. It’s my fault I only work four to six days a week; I should be working seven days, right? Guess that makes me just another lazy liberal wanting a hand-out.

I was just thinking about all of this while ago while I was driving through snails-pace rush-hour traffic to go get my girlfriend some crackers and a couple of cans of soup after being on my feet for ten long hours today running a drill press; making airplane parts for a company that makes billions of dollars a year and doesn’t pay a dime in taxes thanks to Bush’s tax cuts for billionaires. And I was thinking about all those “good” Americans toting their AK-47s to Town Hall meetings protesting that Socialist/Communist ObamaCare back in 2009 and how much I hope they all get sick and die a slow painful death from some terminal illness. Or better yet they get a doctors bill they can’t afford and stick those AK-47 barrels in their mouths and pull the trigger.

That can of soup and a box of crackers won’t cure what’s wrong with her but hopefully they will make her feel just a little better and ease her suffering enough to make it through the night. She’s from Canada and is missing her socialized healthcare right now though. “How do you Americans do it down here?” she asked me today in a barely audible voice. “We just suffer” I told her and felt like an idiot saying it. “And even if we have the money to go see a doctor  that doesn’t mean we get to see one today; usually they make an appointment that’s convenient for them, not us”  I can’t describe the look on her face when I told her that.

She says the can of soup and the crackers helped; I fixed her a cup of her favorite tea to sip on as well. I’m not a doctor but I still hope it did some good for her; it would put me at ease to think so. But it will never calm the rage I feel towards a country that accepts pointless ten-year wars that cost trillions of dollars but can’t stand the thought of helping people who need help.


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