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Posted: July 8, 2012 in Best of file 23
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I opened my mailbox the other day with the usual Fear and Loathing; were there any bills inside? Lo and behold instead there was a package from one of my personal guitar gods, Davie Allan containing signed copies of his latest three releases RETROPHONIC 1, 2 and 3.

I went to Austin to see him a few years ago at a half-filled Continental Club and I gotta tell you I hadn’t had that much fun at a rock show in years. Davie Allan is along with Dick Dale and the late great Link Wray one of my very favorite guitar players. Wayne Kramer of the MC5 has said that performing rock and roll is becoming a lost art but it sure isn’t lost on Davie Allan. He and his Fender Jazzmaster set that stage at the Continental Club on fire the night I saw him.


All three of these are home demos of songs spanning a time period from the 60s to more recent years and while some of the tracks display the grungy “fuzz” sound he is famous for, other tracks show a maturing and display a variety of styles. Now I love Dick Dale so don’t get me wrong when I say this but a lot of his songs kind of sound the same. There are numerous styles attempted in the RETROPHONIC trilogy; a little something to please everyone here.


RETROPHONIC (the first disc) leans heavily on the fuzz sound that made Davie Allan the “go-to” guy for performing the soundtrack to every drive-in biker picture of the 1960s. RETROPHONIC 2 displays a softer sound and RETROPHONIC 3 puts him back in the chopper seat for the first few tracks ( I LOVE his cover of APACHE) and then drifts into a softer sound for the final tracks. One of the bonus tracks “Los Cabos” even has slide guitars and a female vocal; it could pass for a country song and was a pleasant surprise to my ears.


I know times are tough but look up his website and order these. He will even sign each and every one he sells through his site. I also can’t recommend his FUZZ FEST and LIVE RUN CDs enough. And they’re only $10 each. You may have to get them on Ebay but the CDs he recorded with the Phantom Surfers SKATERHATER and THE RAMONETURES (instrumental versions of Ramones tunes!) are both well worth looking for as well.

So come on; you still sitting there? Go do it!


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