An Open Letter To Lewis Black

Posted: January 29, 2012 in Best of file 23

I was in attendance at your performance Friday night in downtown Fort Worth at the opulent Bass Hall. We met briefly in the lobby when you did your meet-and-greet; I stood patiently in a long line, got you to autograph your book “Nothing Sacred” as well as one of your DVDs and more than a little star-struck all I could spit out were the words: “Thank You Sir”.

We shook hands, I gathered my autographed swag and moved along towards the hall’s exit. You looked tired and exhausted after your performance and there was a long line of other people waiting behind me, so saying anything else to you seemed selfish at the time.

Ever had someone insult you and then later after it didn’t matter you thought of the perfect come-back? I’m sort of having that feeling now.

How does a man say “I love you” to another man without coming off as gay? But I do love you.

Under the guise of being a stand-up comedian, you stand up on stage night after night and speak more unabridged TRUTH than any politician could ever lie about speaking. Your words slice through the hypocrisy, lies and utter bullshit the rest of us shrug off daily. Too bad YOU aren’t a candidate for President; I would love to see you on that debate stage yelling: “FUCK YOU” and “Are you kidding me?” at those clowns.
I know you are a busy man; you have little or no time for Twitter, Facebook or reading insignificant pathetic little blogs such as my own and you will in all likelihood never read these words but I want to put them Out There anyway. Someday the world will view you with the same esteem as the late great George Carlin or Mark Twain, but until that day arrives and at the risk of repeating myself I just want to say once again:

Thank You Sir


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