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Posted: January 1, 2012 in The Roper Files
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I’ve been letting the website slip on my priorities list; haven’t updated since November and the pangs of guilt are just now clawing on the screen door to my mind. Or is that the cat wanting in?

December 2011 was a busy month for me; someone or something was constantly demanding my time and attention and now it’s New Years Day once again. Everyone is asleep, the stores are closed and my neighborhood is as silent as a crypt outside this morning. And on the first morning in a week when I didn’t have to get up and go somewhere I find the solace to sit at my well-worn keypad and type.

So now what?

I don’t really have any File23 “exclusive” breaking news or bombshell to lay on you today, so if that’s what you’re waiting on you might as well go back to Facebook, Reddit or that porn site you spent so much of 2011 on right now. But according to the Mayans calendar the world is supposed to end this year in either October or December depending on who is doing the interpreting of their calendar. The Mayans certainly aren’t around to explain it, but there are lots and lots of individuals out there who are ever so happy to jump on the bandwagon and explain it.

I don’t have an answer to this that is either going to reassure you or capable of igniting panic-stricken riots. A few months ago Jesse Venturas “Conspiracy Theory” show on TruTV broadcast this episode that I gotta confess upset me enough to the point of not being able to sleep the night it was shown:

I know a few individuals who are sitting on huge caches of guns and ammo waiting on some real-life ROAD WARRIOR scenario to happen as if they will be the lucky ones driving around in a hijacked Mustang or Dodge Challenger scavenging for food and gas and as if they would be the only armed individuals running around out there.

I suppose they think will be the first ones to break into the local WalMart or Target or perhaps they think they will take over a local shopping mall ala DAWN OF THE DEAD and I presume they think they will be the only persons fully armed and prepared for this apocalypse scenario. Even if they live in some secure fortress-type setting, how long do will it take for them to get tired of eating MREs or to simply get weary of sitting in the dark with no TV, stereo or Internet? They might well just wind up sticking that gun barrel in their mouths and pulling the trigger due to boredom.

How much water do you have stored? We all use a lot of it daily just to flush the toilet or take an occasional shower. Ever tried to pick up a five gallon can of anything liquid? It’s very heavy, just like ammunition.

A 500-round box of .22 caliber bullets is called a “brick” for a very good reason; it’s as heavy as a real brick. How much ammo can you REALLY carry on your imaginary MAD MAX trek across the country? Not to mention the combined weight of an AK47 and a shotgun on top of a backpack of personal possessions. Those types of scenarios look great in the movies but would only crumble along with the rest of the world.

The rich elite powers that be might just decide to wipe the entire slate clean with a few well-placed nuclear explosions while they are safe and secure thousands of feet below the surface of the earth in converted missile silos or inside of a hollowed out mountain.

Los Angeles, New York, Chicago… all gone in a matter of seconds. No hoards of wandering hungry refugees to be a burden to anyone anymore; they would all be reduced to shadows. A memory.

Me, myself and I would all like to think that this is a Y2K-type hype meant to swell the coffers of your local Cabelas, gun stores etc and nothing more. The End of the World I predict will become a temporary Big Business. Or maybe there is something to it. Or maybe we will all laugh about it this time next year; I sure hope so. In the meantime I will just leave you with THIS little track record of failed End Times predictions:


And in the meantime I suppose I should say Happy New Year to you. I hope it is…


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