Reporting Live From Hell

Posted: July 17, 2011 in The Roper Files
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See this thermometer?

I’ve got this mounted in an upper corner of my carport in the shade; the sun never directly shines on it. And no this photo hasn’t been enhanced in any way; it’s over one hundred in the shade. (click the photo to enlarge it) It’s been like this every day this month; we are close to breaking the record.

When I drive home in the afternoons from work I can SEE the heat hanging like a London fog hanging over the paved concrete of the freeway. Even when nature attempts a summer storm the heat slices it like a butchers knife and the rain splits north and south of where I live. I haven’t had to mow once this summer; my yard is brown and the grass crunches under my feet like spilled breakfast cereal.

My air conditioner is working overtime; on the weekends I get up early so I can shut it off and open up the house for a few brief hours. This gives the AC unit a rest and save just a little on my electrical usage. The house next door to me keeps the sun from directly shining on my house until about 9am so every weekend for a few hours I open up the house and drink coffee until it gets too hot. That’s when I throw in the towel, close the doors and turn the AC back on.

In the photo below is both the way I survive this heat and possibly the only thing I do like about our Texas summers: sun tea brewed with Wild Sweet Orange Tazo tea.

It takes just mere minutes out in the direct sunlight before the water starts looking like tea; sometimes I will leave it out for two days and it gets really brewed to the point I almost need pot holders to pick it up. Then I have to put it in the fridge over-night or it will melt ice cubes as fast as I put them in a glass with it.

There IS one more thing I like about living in Texas during the summer now that I think about it:

The ability to fly away from it….


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