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Posted: June 12, 2011 in The Roper Files
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Came home from a twelve-hour shift at work the other day to discover much to my own “shock and awe” something in the mailbox besides the usual hand-full of bills. My friend Mack White ( www.mackwhite.com ) had sent me some promo copies of his new comic bo->ahem< ‘scuse me….Graphic Novel “TEXAS TALES ILLUSTRATED” which he created the artwork for author Mike Kearby.

In a very old-school style of story-telling, the story takes place in between October of 1835 when the Texas Revolution against Mexico began and May of 1836 when the Treaty of Velasco was signed. Along the way we catch glimpses of Sam Houston and Davy Crockett but the reader is also introduced to many names less familiar but equally important; the many brave Texans who together defeated the Mexican army with a hastily assembled rag-tag militia in both the bloody battles at the Alamo and later at San Jacinto. Reading this took me back to when I was a boy reading CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED, which would introduce me gradually to reading the actual books they were based on.

History is a funny thing; it has a odd way of being either re-written (if you’ve ever looked up Prescott Bush on wikipedia, you can see what I’m talking about) or just plain forgotten if the Powers Dat Be can provide a continuing series of persuasive distractions compelling enough. So publications like TEXAS TALES are important because comics are a great format for telling a story, especially if it’s a true story.

You can get your own copy by ordering from the good people at TCU Press: http://www.prs.tcu.edu/


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