Trillions Of Dollars Later

Posted: May 7, 2011 in The Roper Files
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Ten years after the tragic events of 9/11 and trillions of borrowed dollars later, Osama Bin Ladin has been killed. Within minutes jubilant drunken crowds filled the streets of New York and Washington DC cheering in the same triumph as if the Home Team had just won the Super Bowl. It’s not really my place to pass judgment but I wasn’t among them; even the killing of someone who was America’s Moriarty for almost ten years deserves an increment of a dignified moment of silence and reflection.

The comments left on Yahoo, Reddit and YouTube almost instantly began to re-affirm my hatred of man and humanity in mere minutes:  “Hope they pissed on the corpse”  and “They should have placed his severed head facing west at Ground Zero with the mouth propped open as a public urinal” and other such witticisms soon ran as a lengthy testimonial to the hatred Americans had for him. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they finally got the bastard; I’m glad he will never again get as lucky as he did ten years ago when 19 of his followers penetrated our security with the crudest and low-tech of tools as a box-cutter and forever changed our way of life as we knew it forever.

And I said “got lucky” because all of their plots to bring down planes ever since have failed miserably. They have employed idiots trying to set their shoes or even their privates on fire onboard of flights, a plot too ludicrous for the Three Stooges to consider and other morons trying to cause explosions with fireworks and buckets of gas in rented cars. We have allowed the airports to take photos of our privates and subjected ourselves to a level of groping that would be fuel for a civil suit anywhere outside of an airport despite all of this. The TSA and Homeland Security departments have become a good-paying Government Job for many an ex-Wal Mart security guard even though no major terrorist plots have been documented as having been stopped because of them.


I work for a company that sub-contracts for several defense-related firms none of which I will name here. They are big on handing out hats and t-shirts with the company name on them as opposed to raises and bonuses from the thousands of taxpayer dollars a day they take in. Since I don’t believe in free advertising ( buy a billboard you cheapskates) I usually wad them up and put them behind my drivers seat. When I see homeless people pan-handling money at red lights I will hand them a shirt instead of giving them money; I figure they could probably use a clean shirt and they can’t trade or sell them for too much crack.

Just recently found the above T-shirt while looking for something else in my truck recently. A souvenir from 2003 when they caught Saddam Hussein, my company proudly handed these out in commemoration. Mine immediately got filed behind the drivers seat of my truck where so far it hadn’t gotten handed out to some  homeless person and I had forgotten all about it until I was looking for something and pulled it out. Man….trillions and trillions of dollars later…and all I got  was this stupid t-shirt.

We Got Him…again.

Can we bring the troops home NOW?


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