Introducing the Canon SX130

Posted: March 20, 2011 in The Roper Files
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I’m not above “borrowing” images for file23 from Google Images but I’ve always tried to insert as many photos as I could onto this site that I took myself. Makes the site more personal; more like MY site if I am using my own photos. Photography has always been an interest of mine; ever since I was a child I’ve enjoyed looking at photos I took myself. Frankly I wouldn’t know an F-stop if you hit me over the head with it so I’ve usually just delegated myself to “point-and-shoot” type cameras.

Since I started this site ten years ago I’ve been through two Canon SLRs neither of which held up to my rough handling. Whether it was bolting through an airport late for a flight or running away from security guards at an old abandoned drive in, I found out the hard way you never shake an SLR, so for years most of the photos you saw on file23 were shot on my trusty ( and still operating) Konica Z-up 150 VP 35mm which besides being easy to operate also features a bitching 38-150 zoom lens. But times change and I got tired of trying to post on file23 using out-dated technology.

A couple of years ago while struggling with a cranky, moody scanner it was suggested to me that I get a digital camera. The irritable “middle-man” of the scanner was put on the curb soon after I purchased my first digital camera, a palm-sized Vivitar I got for $10 at a nearby drugstore.

The novelty of the palm sized camera wore thin soon enough; it ate AAA batteries as fast as I could change them. Soon after that I upgraded to a Kodak C813 which takes beautiful 8.2 megapixel photos but is limited to a 3X zoom lens. It has not only survived my handling but two trips to Canada and is still fully functional and operating. But yesterday I upgraded to a Canon SX130 which is 12.1 (oooh!) megapixels and a 12X zoom lens. Already wore down the two AA batteries that came with it trying to figure out how it works (whoops) but I am slowly figuring it out.

Took it out yesterday afternoon for a walk. Part of the problem with living in Fort Worth Texas for a photographer is just finding something, anything interesting to shoot. Took this photo of the downtown Fort Worth skyline from the steps of the Trinity Lutheran Church:

And then took this one just before sundown last night from my front porch:

And then took it out last night to try out the zoom lens on the “super-moon” that was supposed to be the closest ever to the earth. Parked somewhere and set up a tripod and shot the moon using several settings. Think this one turned out the best:

So two hundred dollars lighter File23 has now entered a new era; the era of the Canon SX130 that is. Would like to promise a whole new look to the site but I think that’s laying it on a little thick, but I am using a little bit closer to professional camera finally. Now if I can just find something interesting to shoot around here….


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