“It’s Only A Metaphor”

Posted: January 9, 2011 in The Roper Files
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Had to restrain myself after yesterdays shooting in Arizona to not come online and start ranting about Sarah Palin, Jared Loughner and the generally shameful state of politics in America. I wanted a good nights sleep before I posted a single word.

After two years of people showing up at political rallies and town hall meetings with their guns while the cops stand around and wait for them to start shooting before they do anything about it…frankly I’m surprised it took this long for someone to lose it and start shooting.

The finger pointing didn’t take very long however; people on both sides left and right accusing each other of being responsible for the shooting and the rhetoric. Sarah Palins handlers almost instantly  removed her “hit list” (above)  from her web site while her supporters shrugged it off as “only a metaphor”. Equally disgusting as the shooting are the comments on Yahoo, Reddit, YouTube etc of sub-moronic dipshits championing the shooter as some kind of hero. ( “She had it coming” etc.) Charles Manson was convicted of conspiracy to murder on less evidence (and with a much smaller body-count than yesterdays shooting) but then again Uncle Charlie wasn’t a multi-millionaire.

 I hate George W Bush.

I hate Dick Cheney.

 I hate the way they lied this country into two pointless wars that we had to borrow money from our good friends in Red China to finance, and seven years later there’s no end in sight to the consequences of their lies. I hate the way Congress (democrats and republicans alike) failed to do their job and stop this from happening. I was furious when I wrote my state senators demanding Bush and Cheneys immediate impeachment and got form letters in the mail telling me: “No I think they are doing a GREAT JOB of protecting us” instead. I hated seeing them being treated as Great Men after they left office and I hated seeing people standing in line to buy their ghost-written books.

 But because I happen to like living on THIS side of the bars, I’ll be goddammed if I was to be so foolish as to post pictures of  them with cross-hairs printed over their faces or to “metaphorically” suggest in any possible way that someone go kill them. NO I think their books should have been written from the Hague instead. I happen to enjoy my personal freedom of sitting here listening to jazz on my stereo and sipping my Costa Rican coffee and nibbling on a cinnamon and raisin bagel as opposed to sitting on a steel bench and having cold toast and black coffee slid to me on a plastic tray in a small rectangular slot in the bars. I also don’t happen to be a self-serving multi-millionaire like Sarah Palin who can afford to insulate myself from the responsiblity of any words I post on the Net with a cushion of money tossed at a “dream team” of attorneys.

 I hate right-wing colostomy bags such as Michael Wiener, Ann Coulter, Rush Lardbaugh, Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin and everything they represent. I hate the Koch Brothers. I hate Rupert Murdoch and his right-wing Pravda, Faux News. I hate Glenn Beck. But because I am a reasonable adult I can agree to disagree with their first Amendment-supported viewpoints. Shooting any of  them would make them martyrs in the eyes of less-than-reasonable people and I want no part of that in any measure. Ignorant talking-heads deserve nothing more than to be ignored.

Which brings me to how when someone commits a blatant act of “Yeah I did it and I’m NOT sorry” murder, ordinarily I would be pro-death penalty. But in this case life in prison is very suitable punishment. After the rush of shooting someone comes the crash of responsibility. So Jared I hope after whatever you were smoking or drinking before the shooting wore off and you spent your first of many miserable nights in jail with much less freedom than you’ve previously enjoyed before, I hope day after day of staring at that stainless steel toilet makes you think about your foolish little deed. I hope you want to jump in that toilet and flush yourself down it like the piece of shit you are and I want you to despair at your inability to do so. And I hope if nothing else that just ONCE this teaches someone to stop and think about the words they choose to speak and the actions they choose to back them up.


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