So Close

Posted: October 21, 2010 in The Roper Files
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My heart began to crawl up my throat as I read the numbers out loud to myself. “Eleven, twenty-two,twenty-four, thirty-nine…” No! But yes; there they are…and two of the six numbers don’t match. But four of them did!  

Feel my excitement abate a bit; one of those is the glass half-empty or half-full situations is unfolding. I’ve been playing the Texas Lotto since the mid-nineties. No telling how many hundreds or even thousands of dollars I’ve pissed away on it. For years I refused to play but I got tired of reading about immigrant bus-boys winning millions of dollars and began to play twice a week. That dollar does indeed buy a lot of hope.

 A hope that is quickly dashed to the ground every Thursday and Sunday morning. They’ve called three of my six numbers just enough times to keep me going. Never got more than that until now.

A quick search on the lottery website reveals I have a grand prize of $55 coming to me. I’m sure I’ve “invested” much, much more than that on the lottery but I figure it’s about time I get a piece of that back.

 Half Empty: Two numbers away from never having to go back to work. Two numbers away from never worrying about rent or paying the bills ever again. Two numbers away from buying that little Unibomber shack with the satellite dish on the roof and the hot tub in the back on some ocean-front property far away.

Half-full: Four numbers now have me $55 away from being broke. Four numbers that can fill up a cart at the Dollar Store. Four numbers that can make for a decent trip to Aldi. Four numbers that can finance a badly-needed trip to the gas station.

 Put on my Vans and plod down the street to the local Mecca Mart. Collect my $55 minus the cost of one pint of Blue Bell Dutch Chocolate and a ticket for the next lottery.

 Hey you never know; it COULD happen.


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