Engine’s Roaring But Our Wheels Are Spinning

Posted: June 6, 2010 in The Roper Files
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Pour another cup of black coffee and reluctantly turn on the TV news. Watch about five minutes worth and turn it back off before I go fish out the Smith and Wesson.

Like any good armchair cynic I sink into my chair in front of the keypad and listen to a series of jazz CDs and get lost in the music instead of oh I don’t know… say….putting on some rubber waders and go help clean up the Gulf for example.


Holy mother of f*** what a MESS down there ; a seemingly unending millions of gallons of a-bubblin’ crude being pumped into the Gulf Stream even as I type into a keypad made of petroleum by-products and you and I alike sit in chairs partially fabricated from molded petroleum by-products and you read my verbal tripe on your monitor which is also manufactured using ….yes you saw this one coming didn’t you , you clever devils….petroleum by-products….

 Conservative talking heads blame environmentalists, BP shrugs their shoulders and meanwhile the biggest environmental disaster ever unfolds moment by moment. It’s kind of hard for me to point a finger at anyone and proclaim This Is All YOUR Fault since I’m sucking the same oily “glass dick” as everyone else in Crack Baby America. We are all to blame, each and every one of us and this includes me too. It’s difficult for me to blame BP, or the government (directly, but we’ll get back to that later) and sit here and type indignant drivel about Who’s To Blame For This when I drive my Ford SUX6000 instead of using public transportation to get to work.

 But if I wanted to take the bus I would have to get up at one in the morning to get there after taking all of the necessary transfers, then  I would still have to walk a mile in the pre-dawn darkness past a gigantic fenced-off industrial complex that has no sidewalks and a sprinkler system turned on full blast on a very busy road full of speeding cars, trucks, SUVs, Hummers and 18-wheelers all being driven by someone in a hurry to Get To Work….I’m not a betting man but I think chances are good I would be road-kill within a week if my head didn’t explode from rumbling up I-35 at 40mph in a bus first.

Americans howled like wounded animals in outrage back during Hurricane Katrina and gasoline went up to HALF of what the British have been paying for it for years and less than what Canadians pay for it now. Meanwhile American auto manufacturers turn to the government for bail-out money while failing to produce affordable cars with better gas mileage. It’s so chicken and the egg; a riddle wrapped inside a mystery within an enigma….

 In response to rising gas prices the ridership of AMTRAK has gone up despite their questionable “scheduled arrivals/departures” in the past. AMTRAK has made some adjustments in the routes that seemed to have paid off. I once took a trip from here to Austin (180 miles roughly) that was supposed to be four and a half hours that turned into a nine hour nightmare.     https://file23magazine.wordpress.com/2006/07/19/amcrap-riding-the-snails-by-brian-roper/ )  The last time I went however the train was not only on time , it was early.
But in France they have trains that go 300 mph on conventional tracks; so my big question to the government is: “Where’s OURS? “ Three hundred miles an hour? Are you freaking kidding me?

 That would reduce a four hour train trip down to about what? A little over a half hour? Man, if we had THAT using public transportation would be FUN!

Watching all of the miles and miles of nothing in the Central Hill Country of Texas zip by in a blur out the AMTRAK window at 300 per? And compared to the white-knuckle stop-and-go traffic of I35, we’re all insane NOT to be pounding on the Senate doors and walls demanding we have this. Don’t know about you but I’m writing my local Senator right after I drive down to the Whataburger for breakfast and burn gas in their drive through like a good American.


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