First Day Of Spring?

Posted: March 27, 2010 in The Roper Files
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34 degrees on this frosty Sunday morning when I get up; I’ve been asleep on my back for ten straight hours (no I’m NOT complaining mind you) At this point I have to get up for multiple reasons, including relieving the pressure on my back as I bolt for the bathroom to relieve pressure on something else.

 Sink back into the bed as I put on my socks; it’s the first day of spring although you wouldn’t know it from the thin white frosting on everything outside. Winter is hanging on with a death grip this year; I’m getting tired of blue/gray skies and no sunlight.

Woke up this morning with a monstrous pimple on my right cheek fully loaded, cocked and ready to blow if I as much as smiled at someone. 

Soaked it in alcohol; I know it’s the lack of sunlight. In fact I always seem to have skin problems this time of year and the only thing that seems to do any good is to get out and get some sun later in the season. At least I can get another hour or so of it after work now that we’ve had the big daylight savings time change-over; making mental notes to start taking walks after work weather permitting.

 This is as exciting as my life gets right now; lancing a swollen pimple. Oh yeah and getting up pre-dawn tomorrow and going back to work tomorrow…ugh…man I need a vacation.

Fire up the computer; open up a blank document. Gotta update the website; lean back in my chair and wait for the inspiration to flow…

Outside the wind howls like a lost soul over the Scottish moors….okay I stole/borrowed that line from an old Three Stooges short, but you get the idea.

Put on some music; that usually helps. Pick a Miles Davis CD at random and put it on. Sit back down in front of the computer; gotta write something. Shake my head; any loose ideas rattling around in there? Not today apparently.

Looking around my apartment reminds me that I haven’t cleaned the place in two or three weeks; need to do that. Will today be the big day I work up the energy to do it?

 Ugh; the longer I hang around this apartment the longer the list of Things I Need To Do grows. Drop something on the floor; it rolls under my computer desk. Get down on my hands and knees looking for it and just then notice the sandpaper-like feel to the floor; I  reallyneed to clean this place. Add that to the list.

Dust off all three of my guitars and notice I need to change the strings on all  of them. Add that as well to the list; something else I need to do. Step outside and look around. The backyard is full of trash and leaves thanks to the non-stop March winds and as if that wasn’t depressing enough everything outside is dusted with a fine layer of a dried-clay powder because of the never-ending “road-work” in front of my house. They’ve had the street torn up for two years now; I wonder if road work takes this long in the rich part of town.

 This has also displaced the neighbors parking; as the City Council guy explained it to us at neighborhood meeting a couple of years ago: “Some of you are going to have to be patient with your neighbors.” There is a Hispanic family across the street from me who always seem to have a half-dozen or so of their relatives staying with them; they have chosen my house to park their cars in front of for the duration of the roadwork. I’ve tried to be patient and haven’t said shit to them about it as of this writing but am getting really tired of them being parked out front especially when they come in at three o’clock Sunday morning coming in from the bars and wake me up. Love this guys car especially with the cracked windshield and the flat tire taking up my company’s parking space.


On the rare occasion he actually ever moves this shit-heap, it sounds like a cross between a chainsaw and a riding mower in part due to the “cherry-bomb” muffler he has on his Altima….

also the contractors working for the city have left this freaking monstrosity across the street.


It’s the size of a Tahoe; was trying to take a badly-needed nap one recent afternoon when they pulled up with this goddam thing. It had dried mud on it and in what I suppose was the only way to clean it they begin dousing it with water and actually beating on it with sledgehammers (BAM…BAM etc….you get my drift) to knock the dried mud off of the enormous auger blades. Wish they would finally finish and get this stuff out of the street; all of this is getting really old. 

Ugh the more I look around I want to get out of here; take a long walk or better yet…get out of town for a weekend or something. Or better yet a weekend in Tofino


I get lost in that thought for a moment before a charge of something resembling an electrical jolt goes through my body. Damn reality setting in as my eyes focus as to where I really am.

A reminder once again that I need a vacation…


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