A Letter From the City of Fort Worth

Posted: February 28, 2010 in The Roper Files
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“Oh boy” I think to myself as I slice open the envelope. The return address spoils the surprise:

“City of Fort Worth, Texas-Automated Red Light Enforcement”

 This can’t be good news; nothing good ever comes out of this city. Sure enough due to their shiny new automated highway robbery system, I have been fined $75 for taking a right on red.  Bloodsucking bastards! They’ve put up 35 of these goddam things all over Fort Worth in the last year. Oh the torture I would like to inflict on the soul-less piece of shit who invented these infernal devices….  

Seventy five dollars? That’s almost what I get paid for an entire ten-hour shift of standing on my feet after Uncle Scam gets through helping himself to about 33% of my pay before I even see my check.


Lets examine this thing closer. First photo shows me behind the line. The brake light is visibly on as is my turn signal. In the second photo I am turning; there is a two-second time lapse. Should I have taken an extra second? Perhaps. But no one else is in the intersection in either photo; I am endangering no one as I turn. This is bullshit, plain and simple.

 Do some research on Google and find a blog by a local attorney whose advice is not encouraging.

He says because the fine is only $75 and doesn’t go on your record you are just as well off paying it as you are attempting to fight it. You can arrange a hearing but he says even if you hire OJ Simpsons “Dream Team” chances are the judge will just order you to pay it anyways. Then there are the matters of having to take time off of work ( more money) paying for parking (more money) and from there it all just spirals downward like a one-way bunny-hop to Hell to the simple conclusion of just paying the damn thing and getting it out of your hair. If you don’t pay it, it goes on your credit report forever.

 Well I’ll be dipped in dog shit if this doesn’t just suck like a leech. What a miserable shake-down. What a scam. Well File23 isn’t taking this laying down.

Take THIS Shitty of Fort Worth:

 Don’t ever vacation here in Fort Worth. There’s nothing to do here. The hotels, restaurants, Stockyards, Billy Bob s and all the rest of their tourist attractions are all highly over-rated. The cab service is almost non-existent and the public transportation is lousy at best. Never spend a penny here; this city doesn’t deserve it. 

Oh and taking a right on red at the wrong intersection will cost you $75.

 This one’s just for YOU City Of Fort Worth:


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