Rip Torn Arrested….Again

Posted: February 1, 2010 in The Roper Files

Connecticut police arrested actor Rip Torn inside a bank with a revolver after closing hours. Torn, 78 appeared to be intoxicated, disoriented and reportedly thought he was at home.

I loved old Rip in The Man Who Fell To Earth and even more so when he played the role of Artie the producer on HBOs The Larry Sanders Show series ( for which he won a well-earned Emmy) back in the 90’s.  Recently he has appeared on NBCs “30 Rock”  but is probably most famous for his supporting role in the Will Smith/Tommy Lee Jones flick “Men In Black”.

According to his lawyers he has voluntarily checked into a rehab center; I certainly hope he gets some kind of useful help and not just some superficial treatment. But of course alcoholics never really quit drinking until they  are good and ready to quit; here’s hoping  Rip can pull this off successfully. He’s always been one of my favorite character actors; I really hate seeing him treated like THIS on TV:

(UPDATE MAY 2010) YouTube has deleted the above link;  fuck ’em.  HERE is a Hulu link to a Larry Sanders episode just to remind you why it was the best reason to subscribe to HBO back in the 90’s:

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  2. He has a LONG history of being a hard-drinking but shows-up-and-knows-his-lines character actor, but FREDDY GOT FINGERED couldn’t have helped, no…