Schadenfreude On New Years Eve

Posted: December 31, 2009 in The Roper Files
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Conservative colostomy bag Rush Limbaugh goes into the hospital with chest pains and the Internet is abuzz with both praise for his talents and wishes for his slow death. The comments on Reddit for example range from wishing him a speedy recovery to dropping dead; a fair and balanced spread I guess.

I’m no fan of his but have tried to bite my tongue about him on this site; I feel he deserves not one iota of the publicity he already gets with his shock-jock tactics of saying stupid things for their shock value. He has made himself a multi-millionaire with his own brand of racist, homophobic intolerance and his complete absence of sympathy for anyone but himself; so why does he deserve any sympathy?

 Part of me wants to see the oaf six feet under; he took such joy in the passing of Ted Kennedy. He showed no respect for the life or work of Kurt Cobain. He has a gif of himself smacking down Barack Obama on his website (from behind no less) and has shown little regard for anyone or anything other than his own fat pimply ass. If I had the chance I wouldn’t think twice about shoving him down a flight of stairs; can’t help but wonder what it would sound like when he hit the last step.

 On the other hand part of me says to show a little class; don’t sink to his level.

I don’t think I could lower myself to his level if I crawled on my belly in the bottom of a wheel track in mud. Don’t think I could be as proudly callous as him if I tried.

Oh my obituary for Michael Jackson was as tacky as the MTV Music Awards, but that was deliberate; I really didn’t care what anyone thought after having him crammed down our throats for twenty five years.

But what has Rush done to warrant the death penalty?  He has a right to his opinion even as repugnant as it is. So does Fred Phelps and his followers, or Ann Coulter or Neocon barf-bag Michael Savage. Just as we have the right to ignore him. I don’t listen to his show and I don’t read his books. This is my right as an American.

So I am not praying for Rush Limbaughs death, even if his fans pray for that of Barack Obama.

But I propose that instead of sending flowers, we all pitch in and send boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts to his hospital room.  That’s it Rush…eat all you want. Have another cigar. Would you care to have your bacon fried in MORE lard? Have another donut, round boy. Have another box…


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