Winter Comes To Texas

Posted: December 11, 2009 in The Roper Files
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  It’s that time of year again in Texas. The sun goes AWOL, the sky turns blue-gray and the temperature plummets downward. Winter in Texas is a lot like some incoherent rambling bar-room drunk. Annoying, irritating and spewing a whole lot of bluster but delivering little in terms of snow or ice. Easily survivable yet still just a great big pain in the ass nonetheless.

 Took a vacation day last Wednesday; my machine at work was broken down and we were having to wait for the replacement part to show up. Felt good about my decision when I looked out the door and saw snowing pouring down. It wasn’t actually sticking but it made the cup of coffee I was drinking taste even better.

 Daytime TV however is bad enough to make someone get out of the house and go look for a job. Paid programming, repetitive news and talk shows, sitcoms that no one anywhere ever wanted to watch…do they program these schedules to be this unwatchable on purpose so we will go look for employment? Cleaning the house is no fun and it’s too cold to do any yard work. Pacing around the apartment after a very short while; guzzling coffee by the gallon probably isn’t helping here…okay time to get caught up on reading, watch a movie or something. Realizing that I am probably on the verge of good old winter-time depression; got to act fast.


Just recently bought myself a Zadro Sunlight simulator for my kitchen. It’s a little plastic box about the size of an cell phone with 35 bright blue LED lights. The idea is to have it on for about 30 minutes every morning at about arms length away on the desk and don’t look directly at it or that’s all you’ll see all day.

I’ve had a personal serenity ritual for years of lighting a candle for a few minutes every morning and it is now occurring to me that this was just a variation of what this device does. It puts a little extra light in the room just like a candle although you can’t warm your hands by it.

 Does the Zadro device work? It does seem to help a bit although the second I step out the door into frigid 25-degree temperatures I am reminded real quick it’s winter again. But it does make the room seem a little less dreary for a few minutes each day, so that counts for something I guess.

Also helping me is the arrival of another CARE package from Canada this week. Hey look Tim Horton’s coffee, a TH travel mug and a TH ceramic mug too! More dill pickle potato chips, more of those delicious Canadian candies, a beautiful coffee table book about Canada and a 2010 calendar as well; Christmas has come early at my place this year.

 Christmas will be in our faces soon before any of us are ready; fortunately I have a small family so I have only a limited amount of shopping to do. I would rather take a nap this afternoon instead of shopping although it would make sense. Instead I know I will be out there on Christmas Eve with all the other idiots who put it off until the last second. Running around like a chicken with its head cut off desperately looking for a good idea for gifts. If you stop and think about it long enough isn’t that the true meaning of Christmas? It’s the only one I know….


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