Sunday Morning Sermonette

Posted: November 8, 2009 in The Roper Files
It’s been years since I’ve darkened the doors of a church yet for some reason if there is a proper day to set aside for spiritual thoughts, Sunday is a logical choice. Sunday mornings are the closest I ever get to really having the time or the energy to mull over man’s place in the cosmic sewer of life.
It’s also the one day I week I can actually appreciate what I have, like not having to get up or getting up at 3am because I actually want to. You’ll never see me actually physically get down on my knees and thank Gawd for this day but I am anything but unappreciative.
Color me thankful when I can slowly sip my coffee ( Costa Rica beans this week!) and take my sweet time toasting a couple of cinnamon raisin bagels as opposed to my usual spastic one-legged dance around the apartment with one hand pulling up a pair of jeans and balancing a bowl of cereal in the other hand.
Consider me slopping over with gratitude as I spread honey over the toasted bagels and slowly nibble on them as I channel-surf. Local news: Fort Hood victims still dead; check. I change the station just in time to see Fred Mertz get a big laugh just for walking on-camera in his size-60 pajamas; ah , that’s much better….
I will sing the Lawd  or anyone else I feel like their due praises for the ability to put on a John Coltrane disc and sit here and open up the window and watch the sunrise this one day of the week instead of being cooped up inside that building I work in.
Think of me as backed-up and over-flowing with goodness and mercy as I take my time to go about my morning routine which this particular morning consists of a whole lot of nothing.
Grace be bein’ with me as I realize it is November and we still have not had our first freeze here yet. I love the two weeks or so that passes for fall here in Texas; not running either the air conditioning or the heater (yet) the electric bill has taken a much-appreciated nose-dive. I put on some shorts yesterday and went for a long walk in the sun.
And nay as I channel-surf through a valley of paid-programming, sequels and re-makes no one wanted to see I shall fear not, for I shall take comfort in my SCTV and classic films on DVD.
So peace be with you my brothers and sisters; now please find your way to the doors marked “EXIT” and please give generously to the donation baskets next to them. And they’re welded to the walls so don’t any of you get ideas….thou shalt movest along now, for lo I have many leaves to rake…

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