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Posted: September 27, 2009 in The Roper Files
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August16th 2009 216
September 27th; a month ago I was in Canada (Tofino to be precise)
What a difference a month makes, sort of. Still having to adjust back to America. My blood starts to boil every time I see someone littering. But it’s not all gloom and doom. Sitting here listening to the California Guitar Trio, drinking coffee and knocking off some last minute laundry. It’s a good time to stretch, reflect and look back.

I am somewhat of a loner; don’t really do a lot of entertaining. But I had a rare and distinguished bit of overnight company this weekend. Writer and comic artist Mack White  ( whose name I’ve dropped countless times here on File23 was passing through town this weekend, and dropped by to spend the night Friday night.
Some good company was just the thing I needed to help me get back into the swing of life in Texas.
Mack used to live here in Fort Worth many years ago and hadn’t been here in a long time, so I was more than happy to drive him around and show him the place and how much has changed.

september 26th 2009 008
Friday night we ate at the Flying Fish and then I drove him all over Fort Worth showing him around.
Saturday morning we walked down to the Montgomery St. Cafe for one of their fantastic breakfasts (that’s Mack and myself outside the Cafe) and then we walked over to the Scott Theater where they were hosting a tribute to local TV legend Bill Camfield, who I have written about here before as well.
(  ) Bill Camfield hosted two TV shows here when I was a child: Slam Bang Theater, which showcased cartoons and the Three Stooges and also Nightmare Theater, a late-night show that featured horror films that he hosted as the sinister “Gorgon”
september 26th 2009 012
We bought souvenir t-shirts and DVDs they were selling and went inside where they had a limited amount of Bill Camfield memorabilia on display. He hosted Slam Bang Theater as the character “Icky Twerp” and they had his Icky Twerp costume on exhibit in a glass case. Mack and I took photos of the sacred suit and had a seat and watched a long procession of aging baby-boomers walk up and gaze reverently at the costume. We left knowing it wasn’t just us who remembered Icky Twerp. The guy’s been deceased almost twenty years, his show was canceled nearly forty years ago and yet here they came up to the display case to gaze at the pinstripe suit as if it were some kind of Catholic miracle capable of great healing powers.
After that we walked back to my place and I help Mack re-load his gear into his car and watch him drive off back to Austin. It was good to visit with him; hope he comes back someday soon.

So now it’s back to square One. All alone here in Fort Worth again. I am chomping at the bit to return to Canada, but this is going to have to wait. And I am not a patient person.
Another boring week at work. Gotta pay the rent this week. Looking at all the usual day-to-day crap: housework, yard work, shopping. Reality is such a tape-loop.
I’m ready for another vacation….


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