The Miracle Of Editing

Posted: August 6, 2009 in The Roper Files

So I’m sitting in my living room watching National Lampoons Vacation on TBS. It gets to the part where Chevy Chase wrecks his car in the desert and he’s sitting with his son Rusty and he tells him about the time his Dad shared a beer with him when he was about Rusty’s age. He opens a can of beer and in a split second turns it upside down empty. They cut out the part where he and Rusty “share” the beer (Rusty drinks it all  in the original version)

What the hell

Was someone at TBS afraid this was going to lead to father/son binge-drinking? WHO was that short scene going to offend?  Man I need to get some premium channels….

RIP John Hughes (1951-2009)


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