Forged Autograph Alert!

Posted: July 26, 2009 in The Roper Files
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According to my own personal  sources on my exclusive File23 satellite newsfeed, the North Koreans are flooding Ebay and other collector markets with forged Michael Jackson autographs.

They have erected massive industrial complexes made up of large factories which house long rows of benches behind which rows of child slave-laborers are chained together signing mass-reproduced posters, LP sleeves, CD inserts , 8X10s and various promotional items from the entire span of Michaels career.

I am posting this to warn the public so that no one spends their  hard-earned money on these fakes. According to my own File23 Appraisal experts the phony items are easy to spot by the following phrases:

Good luck, Michael

God bless you , Michael”

“Have a nice day, Michael”

“Die imperialistic American dogs, Michael”


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