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Posted: July 19, 2009 in The Roper Files
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Haven’t updated the site for a couple of weeks; I’ve been busy. Working a lot of overtime at the job takes up the bulk of my week; and then there’s my other “job” that seems to take the up any remaining waking time.I’ve written about this before; my “second job”; the job of being a bachelor.

Most people (especially married people) think that being a bachelor is some 24/7 marathon of beer and unsafe sex and I would like to think that somewhere real life permits that sort of thing. But in my plane of existence I am severely inconvenienced by the reality of having to make a living in addition to all of the little things I find myself having to do when not at The Job.

In what little spare time I have I also have to do my own shopping, laundry, yard work, housework and every once in a while I find a few minutes to sit in my big Archie Bunker recliner that takes up an awful lot of space in my living room. I have so little spare time to actually sit in it and watch a television show all the way through it has become more of a catch-all in my living room.

July 19th 2009

There is always at least one towel or t-shirt draped across it and in the winter it also functions as a coat rack. You can also usually find my latest load of laundry dried, folded and stacked in it. Visitors often mistake it for a temporary guitar stand until I get nervous about someones Fender hitting the floor and fetch a real stand from the other room.


Trust me I’ve looked but I can’t find the wires or sensors that trigger the phone to ring whenever I do the following: 

Put the needle down on a choice piece of vinyl or put on a favorite old CD

 Plug a DVD into my player

 Sit in my Archie Bunker chair or better yet lay down on the futon.


 But I can’t remove the phone as much as I would love to quit mailing money orders to my provider; it is a very necessary evil in my life. And over the upcoming few weeks even much more so. Going on my first real vacation in five years next month; a birthday present to myself. And I just figured it out but I am so stressed out about this it’s comical. Been in complete denial about it too but it’s true. But I have been “on the move” too much to really think about it.


 Wrote in my last post about how hot it can get here but yesterday was the first day in three weeks the temperature was actually below a hundred. And I can’t help but wonder if that didn’t have anything to do with everyone I spoke to here locally yesterday seemed to be in a good mood. Everyone I encountered yesterday were actually smiling; maybe not standing in a pool of your own sweat had something to do with it?


 The extreme heat takes a toll on my appetite; I have basically cut down to about two meals a day: breakfast followed by some weird combination of lunch and dinner ( “Linner“?)

July 18th 2009 002

Yesterday I drove over to Granny’s Tacos (703 East Long) on Fort Worth’s North side of town after reading about it on this site:
and driving by it about a million times. I like “hole in the wall” dining; the food is usually both surprisingly cheap, good and the people running small non-chain places usually seem to genuinely appreciate your business even if you are shoving a handful of chump change across the counter.  And speaking for myself I always have to try the food anywhere that uses hand-painted signs ala The Beverly Hillbillies which in my subconscious are always a sign of true comfort food.

July 18th 2009 003

And Granny’s Tacos is a great example of this; for five dollars you get a pile of sliced pork, potatoes, beans and cheese stacked on a tortilla and set in a paper that looks like it was intended to hold hot dogs or pastries but serves to hold the monstrous taco together. The damn thing is only slightly smaller than a masonry brick and I found picking the logistics of picking it up, closing it and eating it difficult without picking the bulk of it out with a fork first. It is the main staple of their menu; not some bizarre challenge like you would see on “Man Vs. Food” but nonetheless a contender for that show


 And then a couple of weeks ago I discovered a really happening little convenience store on Fort Worth’s South side on the corner of James and 820 ( look for the Valero gas pumps) The sign on the building says “China One Express” and I guess it sums it up well enough. Besides being a convenient place for me to get gas on the way home from work, they have all the amenities one expects at a good convenience store: lotto tickets, money orders and they are next door to a Dollar General as well. I can pull over here after work and cover a whole lot of bases at once in just a matter of mere minutes.


And if this wasn’t reason enough to visit at least once a week they have a great “to-go” with burgers but the star attraction is a mini-buffet of sorts where you can get a big box with your choice of either rice or noodles and two of their entrees for a mere six dollars. On my last two visits I managed to get at least one additional meal out of the immense pile of food courtesy of my microwave. Just look at this; who the hell sits down and eats all of THIS at once ( this is orange and teriyaki chicken by the way )

 July 13th 2009 001

Well gosh-diddly-darn-it I didn’t really have to much to update with but this has been a lot of typing for what little I had to work with. Going to go microwave the left-overs from my Granny’s Taco for breakfast now….later!



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