How About A Nice Old Fashioned Fireworks Show?

Posted: June 27, 2009 in The Roper Files
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I live a short distance from where the Fort Worth Symphony does its annual “Concerts In the Gardens” at our nearby Botanical Gardens. An outdoor family event every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night that ends in a massive fireworks display. They use mortars to launch the fireworks and even when I am holed up here in the File23 compound with the A/C on and the doors and windows shut, there is no mistaking what’s going on ; someone is shooting something outside.


 You can see the larger bursts on the horizon but there are a lot of trees between me and them so if I want a good look I have to leave the safety and comfort of my home and walk about four blocks. I found a pretty good spot (shown in daylight in photo below) in front of a commercial business with a nice level driveway. There are a lot of trees between me and the stage; they have a sort of natural amphitheater thing going but when the orchestra does movie themes ( Superman, Star Wars etc.) they have a laser show I can see over the trees and then of course the fireworks show which is the big go-home/show’s over finale.

june 20th 2009 003
From my spot I can even see the orange and green trails from where they launch the mortars, something I think the stage hides from the paying audience. So this year I have started dragging my tripod up the street three nights a week and setting up my camera.
What the hell; might as well enjoy them. And come to think of it as far as free entertainment goes this is pretty cool. The shows get a little bigger and a little longer as they build towards the Fourth of July. Last nights show was a pretty spectacular and no that’s not the FW Orchestra playing Stars and Stripes Forever; I just dubbed over the wind noise and the noisy industrial-sized air conditioner unit for the business I am standing in front of.
Anyhow here is last nights show; enjoy:


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