Even Music Geeks Forget Stuff

Posted: April 19, 2009 in The Roper Files
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Yesterdays post (  https://file23magazine.wordpress.com/2009/04/18/for-the-record-music-ill-never-stop-listening-to/) was more popular than I could have hoped for.  But upon re-reading yesterdays post it occured to me I left a few things out; kept thinking something was missing. Then the light bulb went off; so without further ado:

First up on yer knees and worship the great Davie Allan….

Now a favorite short from that other Little Ole Band from Texas:

And some choice Dick Dale….

Here’s  the Dead Kennedys and boy has so much changed since this song was written…

Here’s DEVO doing one of my favorites….

Now let’s get this party started with Iggy:

Not ONE  King Crimson video on YouTube by the way…

Here’s a fun one from the Ramones

And a classic from the Residents:

Here’s one I never get tired of from Roxy Music

Another favorite from the Sex Pistols

Once again; on your knees and worship (LINK WRAY!)…

And finally that’s it and I’m glad ’cause I’m weary of all this cut-and-paste…

My favorite scene from BABY SNAKES with two of my favorite guitarists, Frank Zappa and Adrian Belew together in 1978. Okay that’s it for now; I need a nap…


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