Somnolent Sunrise

Posted: April 10, 2009 in The Roper Files
Three-thirty in the morning; what a magical time of day. The bars are closed. Most people are asleep.
Step outside on my porch and all is quiet.
I just woke up from about five hours of sleep. Nothing unusual about that in and of itself.
Except I haven’t been asleep in two days. And no I’m not on some potpourri of illicit drugs either…

Came down with some nasty virus two days ago; my nose started running like a faucet while I was at work. Walking around with a roll of toilet paper and honking holes through strips of it all day. Didn’t have any medicine in my toolbox and when I got home took some Mucilex. Well that shit had a bizarre speed-type effect on me and kept me up the entire night.

I would break out in a sweat one minute and be freezing from chills the next. Tossed and turned all night long; finally got up and moved to my futon in the living room, where I could sleep under a ceiling fan and wrap up in a blanket. Turned on the TV; watching movies usually helps.

Watched American Beauty, Its A Mad Mad Mad Mad World, the original Producers and all three discs of Larry Sanders Season One yesterday and still didn’t get a wink of sleep until late last night after being up for over 36 hours.

Last night sometime around nine I finally crashed and hard. Woke up while ago with a back-ache after being on my back for two days. Got up and fixed some coffee which I had been craving after doing without for two days.

And despite the lack of sleep I still got things done around the house. Washed, dried and folded two loads of clothes and even got so bored I dug out the weed-eater and cleaned up my lawn a little bit. My mower won’t start so I just get out there and knock down the tallest most unkempt parts of the yard.
Yesterday wildfires were raging across North Texas; around sundown yesterday visibility was almost nil as a gray cloud of smoke hung over the area. It still smells like smoke outside right now at this very moment.
Damn that first cup of coffee tasted good; I want another.

Go outside for an inspection. A large full moon hangs silently in the sky. Can’t hear a thing; everyone else is asleep. I love this time of day. Full moon madness takes on many forms and I am not exempt from this. Here I am up guzzling coffee and staring at the moon at three, almost four in the morning. I know this isn’t normal, but I love it. The woman next door appears to have a new boyfriend; her third in a month; you go girl! The gay guy across the street has his lovers car parked out front. The guy next door’s girlfriend is over; her car is out front. And I stand here all alone; and am feeling every bit of it. Go back inside and pour that second cup.

Sit in front of my monitor and play Mexican Stand-off with a blank Document page. Okay Mr. Writer; let’s see you write something. The blank page taunts me like a schoolyard bully. My brain is trying to function but it stills seems to be half-asleep.
Let’s take an inventory: haven’t had a proper amount of sleep lately and I really haven’t been eating much actual food due to a lack of appetite. The Cafe down the street opens in a couple of hours. Have a feeling I’m going to be Right There when they flick on the “OPEN” neon sign and unlock the deadbolt on the front door.

Maybe after a big breakfast I’ll feel like a nap and supplement my sleep a bit. Or maybe I’ll stay up all day writing. It could go either way.
Almost feel like laying down now, but my back hurts from so much of that for the last two days.
Did I learn anything from all of this? No not really.
Everyone should stay up for 48 hours; you really find out your limits and how well you can function. But I know this much: sleep is indeed over-rated.

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