Sunday Morning At Chateau 23

Posted: March 29, 2009 in The Roper Files
Remember those great Hammer Dracula movies with Christopher Lee where they would show him laying in his coffin followed by a close up of his eyes opening ? Early this morning hours before dawn I awoke suddenly like that. Today is Sunday; last day of the weekend. Can’t wait for that lazy sun to make its grand appearance to start burning daylight; my feet hit the cold hardwood floor running today.

After a week of killing time at a dreary ten hour shift I now suddenly become obsessed with efficiency. The very second I awake I realize I am at the 24 hour mark for a shower; I will be ripe soon. First thing I do is beeline for the shower. The steam and the hot water running over my body are especially therapeutic this morning; I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a shower this much. Reluctantly I turn off the water and step out, dry off and head for the bedroom. Toss everything I wore yesterday into a pile in the floor; only clean clothing touches my flesh today.

After dressing I head for the kitchen. French roast beans are ground; coffee is brewing. Then I open a can of cat food, divide it into two pans and garnish it with a handful of dry cat food. Open the door and there they are; my two furry four-legged flea-ridden free-loading felines. “Rowr!” (Translation: “About time asshole; where’s our food?”) Set the pans down in front of my truck and two heads pop out from underneath as if spring-loaded and they begin eating as I change their water. Having accomplished that I notice the cat food cans in the sink at the same time I notice the coffee isn’t quite brewed. Grab my jacket, a plastic bag and scoop the cat food cans out of the sink. Let’s take this stinky shit for a walk.

Pad catlike silently down the dark street; the rest of the world is asleep this frosty morning. Turn the corner and find myself facing many cars. Someone around the corner has been having an overnight party of some sort; I can hear music coming from one of the houses. Walk by quietly to my destination in the next block; the dumpster behind some nearby apartments. I sink my smelly cargo into the dumpster with the skill of an NBA star, spin on one heel and head back to my place.

Scoop up the paper in the yard, stick the key in the deadbolt. Open the door and the coffee maker is gurgling a welcome announcement; my coffee’s almost ready. Pour myself a cup; oh man does that taste good this morning. Turn around and look; the cup is empty almost instantly. It’s 38 degrees outside this morning. One cup after another disappears as fast as I can pour it. I’m guzzling it down like liquid oxygen; my French Roast tastes like candy this frosty morning.

The silence hangs over my apartment like a shroud; put on some music. Dig through my CDs for something I haven’t listened to in a while. Find my Charlie Parker “Complete Verve Masters With Strings” disc and turn it up. I’d like to see the look on the cops face that has to answer any noise complaint for me waking up the neighbors with this one. This is some sweet music to start the day with. The music fills a definite void in my apartment; this was a good idea. Sip my coffee and am overwhelmed with a strange unfamiliar sense of relaxation for the first time in… well, a pretty damn long time. The sax and the strings lull me into a sense of complacency; not used to this. What’s happening to me? I don’t know but I do know this: I’m having a good day today. Every day should be this enjoyable. Hot coffee and cool jazz make a great early morning combo. Okay maybe it’s not bacon and a stack of buttermilk pancakes; but hey those could happen later. All I gotta do is finish that coffee and head for a favorite cafe…



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