Saying Goodbye Is So Difficult

Posted: March 14, 2009 in The Roper Files
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I noticed it a few weeks ago. My Fender Prodigy was making funny noises when I was plugged into a friend of mines PA system. Blamed the $15 cable I had plugged into the amp and wrote it off as needing to buy a new one. Bought another one; same thing. Awful static noises if I moved the wrong way. No good; it shouldn’t be doing this.
Pinpointed it down to a switch on the front and as much as I don’t have extra cash laying around it looks like a trip to the local guitar luthier is in order.
My baby is sick; don’t care much for her being operated on, but I’ve used this guy before to work on my other guitar ( my Charvette )
and he did a competent job then so I’m not worried about him screwing it up too much. And I at least have a second electric to play while the other guitar is in the shop. But I will miss my Fender nonetheless.

Goodbye baby….


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