Snow Day!

Posted: January 30, 2009 in The Roper Files

The Fort Worth Stock Show began January 16 and brought winter weather from out-of-town with it, as it always seems to do. The sun went AWOL and
frigid Arctic blasts of cold and wind came in along with it last weekend and Monday morning the weather forecasters said we were in for a ice storm on Tuesday night. I stocked up on food Monday night knowing the stores would be a madhouse Tuesday and prepared to hunker down.

Now to anyone North of Texas I’m sure this is nothing less than totally comedic, but you’ve got to understand that while it does indeed get cold here in Texas we don’t get snow and ice very often. But when we do it shuts the state down; no one here knows how to drive in it. Tire chains are a concept; no one here even knows what they are much less how to install them.

Took off early Tuesday; there was nothing to do and half the crew didn’t show anyway including the boss and most of the management. No one noticed me walking out at eleven or seemed to care. Noticed the water on the windshields of the cars in the parking lot was kind of half-frozen; the temperature was dropping all right. Slid home on streets slick from a previous non-stop eighteen-hour drizzle. If the temperature dropped just a few more degrees and the rain didn’t stop…well we’ll find out in the morning, won’t we?

Went to bed early Tuesday night and got up early the next morning and peeked out the window: yes!

Everything outside was gleaming white, even in the pre-dawn darkness. Got dressed in a hurry and scrambled to turn on the TV. This is the best way to find out how screwed-up everything was.

Now here in the Texas on those rare occasions we do actually get snow and ice the local TV stations all put their reporters on the freeway over-pass bridges with the cameras and wait for the cars and trucks to slide into each other. And they usually don’t have to wait long. I put on a non-stop loop of Boots Randolph “Yakkity Sax” and sip my coffee and laugh at the poor dupes live on TV sliding backwards down the exit ramps. Oh and by the way the live news will pre-empt everything else for the day.

NO WAY I’m even backing the damn truck out from underneath the carport and becoming part of this charade unless there’s a fire. There’s nothing at work that necessitates taking my life in my hands, or if I’m really, really lucky being stuck in non-moving traffic until my two-dollar-a-gallon gas runs out.

WHOO-HOO! I get an extra day off! Wiggle my ass around the living room in a victory dance; YES!
Don’t even bother to phone in; screw’ em. Think they can figure it out, assuming anyone even made it in. Watch the TV screen carefully; maybe I’ll see one my bosses ass-kissing pocket-fishermen management getting their 2008 model cars pulverized into scrap metal on live TV. Cross my fingers hard.
Spend the entire day Wednesday goofing off; no housework etc. Do some writing; post on a couple of sites so that the day isn’t a total waste.

Well I missed about 15 hours total of work this week and tearfully took a precious 10-hour vacation day to make up for Wednesday and now today I have to go in and make up a few hours. At least there is something to do today; Monday will be another matter. For the first time in three weeks I will at least get a full 40 hours in at least. But Friday is usually my day off.
I know; I know….didn’t go to work Wednesday and all that. Dagnab that logical side of my brain….


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