Is That A Glimmer Of Hope Or The Glow Of A Lynch Mobs Torches?

Posted: January 23, 2009 in The Roper Files
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This has been quite simply the longest solitary week of my life. First off was the ordeal of work.
Business has been slow and it was hard to even APPEAR to be busy. Harder still when you don’t feel well. I have been slightly under the weather so to speak racked up with allergies.
Was at a red light yesterday afternoon and sneezed out the window. I saw a giant glob of snot go flipping through the air in the late afternoon sunlight in a perfect arc and land in the back of the pickup in the next lane. Think I managed to gross myself out on that one.

Been like this all week; there’s currently a lot of mountain cedar in the air and that shit does a number on me every time. Walking around with a roll of toilet paper at work and honking in that abrasive paper has turned my tender nose a bright W.C. Fields shade of red. Getting really tired of my co-workers asking me if I have a cold; thank Gawd it’s Friday.
On someone advice I tried Mucinex or Walgreen’s cheaper generic version of it, and it seems to be working although sleep was difficult at best last night.
STILL it’s Friday morning and here I am up pre-dawn pecking at my keypad wired on some Tully’s French Roast and jacked up on decongestants; whee! Huff the nitrous out of my empty can of whipped cream and slug down another cup of my delicious coffee it’s Party Time! Yeah!

Ever the eternal pessimist once I have arrived at Friday I have to ask myself: “Now what? “
It’s here and so am I. I came. I look around. And I yawn.
The last time I posted on this site our nation was still in the clutches of the Bush/Cheney stranglehold, and I was in a sour mood. Had mixed feelings about watching our new President being sworn in. It seemed to me as if IDIOCRACY, BLAZING SADDLES and PUTNEY SWOPE were all coming to life at once as the nation cheered.
Now please don’t lynch me but I voted Libertarian. I’ve been lied to way, way too many times by both Democrats and Republicans alike and I just simply don’t trust either of them. And I just as simply cannot and will not bring myself to vote for either of them for the rest of my life. You don’t like it; SUE ME.
Hope and change are marvelous feel-good words that get tossed around every four years or so pretty much the same way you toss bread crusts at a pond of ducks. And just like those silly water-fowl, we crane our necks and go for it every time.

I remember Bill Clinton playing his sax on Arsenio Halls TV show and talking in a nudge-nudge-wink-wink way with Arsenio about smoking pot when he was in college. He was going to save us from the NeoCon regimes of Reagan and Bush and the next four years was going to be a great big ol’ Summer Of Love, baby. And then once elected he passed draconian bills that even Reagan and the elected Bush were afraid to spring on us. NAFTA, mandatory sentencing for first-time offenders, roasting a hundred men, women and children alive while spraying the building with gunfire on live TV from Waco. Oh and let us not forget Ole Bill and Hillary were the best thing to ever happen to the factory owners of those slave-laborer-manufactured AK47s. Thanks to their pitiful attempts at “gun control” every prick with ears HAD to have at least one and they went from sitting unsold in piles on the gun-show tables to investment item status overnight. Who loves you? It sure ain’t those NeoCons in liberals clothing, that’s for sure. And don’t even get me started on Nancy Pelosi…

But this week Obama has surprised me by putting a freeze on Bush’s last-minute bills and announcing Gitmo was going to be closed. Good job so far; no problems there.
When JFK was sworn in John Wayne ( or the worlds best publicity writer probably ) said: “I didn’t vote for him but he’s my president , I support him and I hope he does a good job” And I gotta admit these noble words do indeed reflect my personal sentiments as well.


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