Today Is The Most Special Of All Days

Posted: January 16, 2009 in The Roper Files
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Woke up with the most overwhelming sense of relief today.
It started with a bad dream I was having and then woke up realizing it was only just that; a dream.
This was followed by the comfort of also realizing I didn’t have to either report to my menial job or phone in with some BS story. I snuggled into my many, many sheets and blankets covering me on this 23-degree morning, pulling them around me like a cocoon.

As much as I spend complaining about everything this is the rarest of moments. That scarce moment of being content. Of not having a care. Not worrying about money. Or anything at all.

Of course this all comes tumbling down like a carefully placed stack of cards when I get out of bed. This usually happens when Mother Nature calls and I am forced to get out of bed. Once I’ve taken care of that detail I’m for all practical purposes “up” and on my feet and that first cup of coffee starts sounding good to me.

Now it’s never as simple as just making coffee. Once I turn on the light this is the signal for my two stray cats to show up at the back door and begin to “meow” for food, usually about the same time I’m attempting to fix that pot of coffee. Gotta stop pouring the water or grinding the beans and open that stinky can of cat food. Step outside into the frigid 23-degree morning and set two aluminum pie-pans on the ground for them. “Here you ungrateful furry four-legged flea-ridden free-loading felines” I deadpan to them in my best “Dr. Smith” voice as they begin to eat.

Bolt back inside and slam the door; where’s that cup of coffee? Oh yeah; not finished making it. Damn cats…pour the rest of the water. Grind the beans. There; soon my Mr. Coffee is happily gurgling and spewing another pot of delicious coffee.
I drink cup after cup of coffee with the same enthusiasm I used to chug down can after can of beer.  I haven’t replaced one bad habit with another now have I?  Naw…. I’ve only worn down a path in the linoleum in my kitchen floor between my computer desk and the Mr. Coffee; there’s a visible dip in the floor marking my exact  trail.

The sun is AWOL so far this morning and the weatherman on TV is speaking of it “warming up” to 40 degrees today. Ordinarily I would be distressed by this news, but for some reason today I simply don’t care. I’m used to being depressed but being in a good mood is confusing. What’s happening to me? Now I’m starting to scare myself; I really am. Something bad has got to be lurking around the corner. What’s that they say? “First the high, then the low?” Got to be cautious when I’m in this good of a mood because I know it’s not going to last. Just like that last cup of coffee; it’s gone in the flash of a moment.

But that’s okay; I just pour another cup and all is fine with my world for a few minutes. And hey, THERE’S that sun after all….


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