Redneck Road Rage

Posted: December 26, 2008 in The Roper Files
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My local paper, the Fort Worth Star Telegram had an interesting story: the other

day about a former law enforcement officer who was a suspect in a string of mysterious vehicle-to-vehicle shootings that had been occurring in nearby Dallas who shot himself upon his attempted arrest and died later in an area hospital.

You don’t have to look far in Texas to see evidence of Texans love affair with guns; I could spend hours or even days photographing street and highway signs the local morons have chosen to use for target practice. I don’t believe in gun control myself; most attempts at it usually just serve to make the gun trade more lucrative if anything else. But I do believe that with the right to bear arms comes a certain degree of personal responsibility, like knowing where your bullets are going when you shoot at something.

I certainly don’t find shooting guns in urban areas funny or amusing; I’ve actually dug bullets out of the roof of my house. Can’t help but cringe on New Years Eve when I hear semi-automatic gunfire all over town at midnight. In all fairness it’s damn near impossible for the police to enforce the laws that prohibit firing weapons in city limits although I think that when they catch anyone doing it in circumstances other than self-defense the police should be allowed to use those dumb-asses for target practice.

The above photograph by the way is one of four (    )  I posted on Flickr of a highway sign by my house that has been riddled with bullet holes. In the photograph you are looking east on I-30 through a bullet-hole.  It’s one of several in a row on westbound I-30 where  some pinhead has driven down the freeway irresponsibly spraying the signs on the overpasses. At sundown when the sun is just right you can drive down the freeway and see sunlight gleaming through the holes in the signs. Still want to move to Texas and take advantage of our cheap real estate?


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