Posted: October 16, 2008 in The Roper Files

Now there’s a word I’ve never liked. Don’t handle change well. I’m an “even-keel” sort of guy. I like “comfort levels” and don’t like them disturbed once achieved.

Got a new landlord a few months ago who has raised my rent considerably. I’m in for an adjustment period and I don’t like it. She’s coming over today to meet me; wonder how she’ll react to my framed portraits of Ed Gein and GG Allin?

Been reading all this crap on the Web about How To Survive Tough Times and I’m scared shitless. It’s all stuff I’ve been doing for years anyway.

Clipping coupons. Picking up aluminum cans like a homeless person. Buying used. Renting instead of buying. Buying stuff only when it’s on sale and my old favorite: Doing Without. Cutting corners. Can’t afford the dentist. Can’t afford new glasses. My clothes are all in tatters.

Pecking out my verbal tripe on a three-year-old PC that just barely functions. A doe-eyed friend asks: “Why don’t you just buy a Mac? They work so much better.” Because they cost two fucking grand I don’t fucking have, that’s why.

I’m all dried up. No blood, semen or even urine. How long before I just shrivel up and blow away?

Every drop of sweat, every unbearable hour of the torture that comes with my job, every miserable day of my life spent working for the landlord and the utility companies from now on.

Might as well cremate me; I’m dead


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