A Few Words About The “Bailout”…

Posted: October 1, 2008 in The Roper Files

This is the equivalent of looting the silverware before leaving the White House.

Let fucking KBR and Halliburton cough up the cash; they can afford it! You’ve given those bastards a free ride for the last eight years, President Bush. You’ve bankrupted the country ( you know, the same way you’ve bankrupted every business you’ve ever been near with your fecal Midas touch) with this mis-guided, mis-managed and mis-directed War On Terror. Now you want US to get you out of this mess?

You and Cheney belong behind bars instead of the White House and you know it. You’ve given your cronies a free ride with tax breaks and no-bid contracts. Padding your swelling financial portfolios, pardoning yourselves from war crimes you know damn well are illegal while telling reporters to “go fuck themselves” You’ve blocked any serious investigations into what really happened on 9/11; exactly WHAT are you hiding?  In the meantime the country is spiralling into another Depression.

Have you NO shame?

Apparently not…


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