Ten From The File23 Media Vault

Posted: March 2, 2008 in The Roper Files


my “desert island” CDs  

the Purple KNIF Show (bootleg)- a 1984 Los Angeles radio broadcast where CRAMPS vocalist Lux Interior plays choice slices from his priceless 45rpm collection

 lively-ones-six.jpg  the Lively Ones-remember that cool version of Surf Rider on the PULP FICTION soundtrack? That was these guys. Surprise! The rest of this Del-Fi CD is just as good; there’s not a bad track on the disc. Worth looking for.


Camper Van Beethoven/ New Roman Times- unlike most reunion discs, this one doesn’t suck and holds up well after three/almost four years. I never get tired of this.


Ramones/ Loco Live- Since three of these guys are no longer with us, this is as close as you can get to the hurricane-force experience of a Ramones show live.


Dick Dale/ Tribal Thunder- another one of my guitar gods; this disc is worth getting just for his cover of the Rumble. Probably his best disc.


Davie Allan & the Arrows/ Live Run- probably as close as you can get to where I was Thursday before last.


Link Wray/ Walking Down A Street Called Love- recorded live in 1996 shortly before his unfortunate departure from this mortal coil. Link never sounded better than this; except for maybe the two times I saw him.


Butthole Surfers/ Double Live- two discs of beautiful sacred NOISE. If you never saw ’em live, too bad for you. This is as close as you’ll likely ever get. Free MP#s anyone?…. http://www.buttholesurfers.com/buttlegs.html 


King Crimson/ B’Boom- two discs of perfect music for adults. Maybe not as a whole as powerful as RED (a possible tie) but still very close to the current live performance.


Cramps/ Black Leather (bootleg)- a 1980 SanFrancisco radio broadcast; 15 killer tracks by one of my favorite bands ever.

There. Now you have an inkling (and just an inkling, mind you; I didn’t include my jazz CDs in this list) of what Saturday nights sound like at my place…


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