Lets Go For A Walk

Posted: February 11, 2008 in The Roper Files

Been asleep all day; felt good too. Get up and look outside; the sun is out. I can see people working in their yards without shirts.That’s it. Even I can stand hanging around the house for “X” number of hours. Not like I work out at the gym; let’s get some exercise. Put on my comfy Vans, lock the door to my Fortress Of Solitude and we’re off.


Pad silently up the street. Past the Frost Bank, which used to be the Bowie theater, where I would go see Don Knotts or Walt Disney movies and Japanese monster epics like WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS and MONSTER ZERO and later midnight movies such as FLESH GORDON, THE GROOVE TUBE, CLOCKWORK ORANGE, PINK FLOYD AT POMPEII. Detour by the Bluebonnet Bakery for their sourcream donuts. My idea of exercise: walking to the bakery for donuts. Wonder if Jack LaLanne  would approve? will-rogers.jpg 

Turn and walk past the CVS, turn on Montgomery past the huge Will Rogers Coliseum where Jimi Hendrix (opening for the Monkees!) the Rolling Stones and Led Zepplin once played, but today is hosting a gun show. Past the Museum Of Science and History which is currently being gutted and re-built. The FW skyline is dotted with cranes, lots of construction going on.

Past the QuikWay whose grill makes a mean cheeseburger. Pass the Montgomery St. Cafe, which is closed on Sunday.

Walk past the Dairy Queen. I like their malts, but their food rockets through me like an RPG.

I’ve been walking these same streets since I was a teenager. My best friend in high school lived right down the street from where I currently live. Can tell you what used to be on every vacant lot in this neighborhood. Charleys Hamburgers. The Sigmor Shamrock. So much history now.

The sun is going down; head back for the place.


My neighborhood is shrinking. Houses coming down and being replaced with McMansions and condos I can’t afford to lease. The landscape is changing. Becoming more unfamiliar every day. How can I live somewhere 49 years and still feel so alienated?

There’s my place. Up the driveway, fumble for the keys. Unlock the door. The Beverly Hillbillies are on TVLand.  Ah, nice to know some things never change.


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