Police State Pizza

Posted: January 23, 2008 in The Roper Files


Long crummy day yesterday. Bad traffic on the way to my menial job. Ten hours of unadulterated boredom at work. More bad traffic on the way home. Go back to my place and try to wash the stench of this day off of me.

Curl up on the futon with a heavy wool blanket. Fuck it’s cold. Shiver and shake. God I hate winter.

There’s only one thing to do: phone in a pizza. The Perottis behind TCU is the best in town. They sell a 6-topping 4-slice pizza for seven bucks. I’ll put up with their obnoxious frat crowd for the one minute it takes me to pay for it.

A few minutes later I stroll into Perottis. There’s also a half dozen of Fort Worths Finest in full uniform sitting at two tables. They eye me warily as I walk to the counter.

While at the counter I notice South Park on the big screen tv on the wall. It’s the episode about the Civil War Re-enactment; the cops are all glued to it. Not only are they laughing at it, as I listen to them it becomes apparent they’ve seen this episode before. They’re saying the lines in what aren’t bad imitations of the characters voices.

After paying for my pizza I turn for the door and try to keep a straight face as I walk past the cops. Once out the door I burst out laughing.

Wonder what Matt Stone and Trey Parker would make of these fans? This is too weird even for me.

I gotta start getting my pizza delivered.


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