Take A Good Last Look

Posted: November 19, 2007 in The Roper Files


Above is what started my latest series of posts this month when I drove down East Lancaster Friday November 2nd; I noticed the east screen down (above)… below are the last shots of the West Screen…


For years when driving from Dallas to Fort Worth the sight of the Twin screens were a milestone, a landmark that said: you’re almost home kid. There was a certain comfort in the sight of them and now that’s gone.


 Taken at great personal risk (this part of Fort Worth is a total shit-hole; Let The Honky Beware would be a good way to describe the area) by your humble File23 photographer (el mio) on Saturday November 3rd, this screen was no more the following Monday. So unless someone on the demolition crew took pictures (or video) these are as far as I know the last photos of the Fort Worth Twin.


Went by there Saturday November 10th and every little piece of scrap metal was gone; not a trace, not one single clue there was ever a drive-in there now. Just a barren dirt lot. So take a long last look; this isn’t there any more. Soon there will be only natural gas wells here. History. The past. Ex post facto.


Below are the remains of the marquee which once stood over the ticket booth; now a heap of twisted metal underneath the west screen.


Just a memory and so much scrap metal now.

Excuse me; I’m feeling a little sick….



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