Posted: November 7, 2007 in The Roper Files


My last two blogs have concerned my nostalgic feelings for going to the movies at the drive-in. I’m still in the process of grieving at the sight of watching a Fort Worth landmark like the screens of the Fort Worth Twin being demolished. OK to be realistic there was never any real chance of someone ever re-opening it; that neighborhood is a shithole. You’d have to live there like The Omega Man armed to the teeth to keep the homeless and other local low-lifes from stripping the place of copper, aluminum, etc. But everytime I drove down I-30 east of downtown Fort Worth, it was comforting to see those screens and now they’re gone. 

The above photo is the Cherry Lane Drive-In, circa 1986. They tore it down for a Sams/ WalMart complex, which is now boarded-up and vacant. Can we have our drive-in back now? 

Haven’t blogged since Sunday. Fuck you; I’m grieving. Can’t you see that? Another small chunk of my childhood has been lobotomized from my life. I’m wounded. I’m disabled. I’m dysfunctional. I’m a damaged soul.I’ve worked overtime for the last two weeks and won’t see a much-needed penny of it until tomorrow. The week is only half-over. Should I be half-happy or half-depressed? But this week has been a mess. Called in some Asian food last night, (“name, prease?” ” Brian.”) drive out there to pick it up and they’ve given it to someone named Bryant. Hope they liked my Kung Po chicken. I got their orange chicken and their hot and sour soup; which was OK but not what I ordered.My lawn mower has died; won’t turn over. Dammit! Did a 10-hour shift yesterday and then get stuck at a broken red light for 20 minutes after work. Caught myself going into road rage.What’s happened to me? How did I end up like this? What terrible horrible sin did I commit? Whatever it was, I’m sorry!

It’s been a truly horrible week; nothing has gone right. That diversion from life known as work has been relentless in every sense of the word. Daylight savings time has started, abreviating the days. Why can’t we just move it a half-hour and leave it? It’s dark when I go to work and then it’s sundown by the time I get home and get out of the shower.

I need sunlight.  It’s only November and I’m already in the depths of winter depression. Not good. Not good at all.

That’s why I miss the drive-in. It represents a much simpler time. A much more enjoyable time. Being eighteen. Sitting in my first car with a hot little teen queen, slipping my hands underneath that halter-top with the stealth and skill of a safe-cracking burglar. That dull grey aluminum speaker hanging on the window attempting to entice us out of the backseat with descriptions of the wonderful items available from the snack bar.  I miss these things, dammit.

Watching movies under the stars is a memory I savor because it was a time when I actually enjoyed life. I looked forward to the day instead of cursing the alarm clock like I do these days.

Now look at me. I need a make-over. I need a haircut; I need new clothes. I need a woman; loneliness is killing me. Boredom is so counter-productive. Don’t want to get out of bed. Don’t want to look in the mailbox. Don’t want to go anywhere. Don’t want to answer the phone or the door anymore. Go away…baitin’ !

So forgive me for ranting…in upcoming blogs I’m going to be sharing some drive-in memories, so please bear with me and stay tuned.



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