I Made It!

Posted: October 27, 2007 in The Roper Files


Did a full five days this dreadful, dreadful week. But I endured. Kept a straight face. And I made it. Saturday finally got here; ah, the healing power of the weekend. I’ve been in a horrible mood all week. So imagine my surprise when I woke up in a good mood this morning. I’m so used to being depressed; when I wake up without that black cloud hanging over me it’s a suckerpunch from left field. Where’d THIS come from?

Made an early morning sprint to the laundrymat. Got three loads of laundry done, including all my sheets and winter blankets. In my past, I’ve been “between addresses” I’ve lived in a motel; I’ve lived in my car. So today no matter how lousy my day has been, when I slide into clean sheets I smile.  If my sheets and blankets have even the faintest scent of laundry soap, I get half-erect.  Freshly-washed linens are a luxury even paupers like myself can afford. As anal-retentive as it might seem, I get up on weekend mornings and make this trip no matter how little I feel like doing it or no matter if it’s cold or raining, it gets done.

Going to the laundrymat is never fun but I found one run by a “Mr.Khan”-ish Asian guy who used to never return my “good mornings” Rude bastard would never acknowledge me until three more laundrymats opened around him. All of a sudden his attitude morphed into “Good morning! Nice to see you!” Funny how that works.

Unlike the closer laundrymat to my house, “Mr. Khan” keeps his laundrymat clean, his machines ($1 double-loaders!) always work and they’re new so I can wash all my sheets and blankets in about 20 minutes. There is a Mexican taqueria/bakery next door so I can toss my laundry in the wash, walk next door for a cheap burrito and a couple of pastries and by the time I return everything’s done. Perfect timing!

So it’s nine in the morning. I’ve had breakfast, done three loads of wash, and added a new post. What have you gotten done today? Like I really care.



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