Posted: October 23, 2007 in 2006 NEW Reviews, Reviews Archive, The Roper Files


Some actors/actresses make one defining movie in which they give a performance they will never ever match. Look at Jon Heders career since NAPOLEON DYNAMITE; need I say more? Other examples that come to mind are Gene Wilder in the original PRODUCERS, or Mel Gibson in MAD MAX for instance. Well this is the movie Jack Black was meant to make. SCHOOL OF ROCK was close, but I think this one gets the cigar. Part BLUES BROTHERS, part MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL, part Cheech and Chong movie of your choice and maybe a bit of THIS IS SPINAL TAP, no doubt this is The Jack Black Movie.

 To be honest, I was totally prepared to hate this. Never really been too crazy about Jack Black. I don’t even like heavy metal music. But I caught this on cable recently, and was won over by it just after a few minutes. With references to TOMMY and CLOCKWORK ORANGE in the first couple of chapters, I was hooked and sat through it all the way, something I can say for very few movies these days. 

The plot is simple enough: Jack and his friend Kyle Gass go in search a guitar pick made out of one of the Devils teeth. There are a couple of guest cameos by Ben Stiller as a clerk at the LA Guitar Center and Tim Robbins as a semi-threatening stranger they encounter along the way. There is a short obligatory car chase, but film buffs can enjoy this just picking out the references to other films. When they find the pick it’s pure Sergio Leone; the music goes totally Ennio Morricone  as they walk towards it.  And the showdown with the Devil in the last scene is priceless. Oh, and be sure to sit through the credits all the way. If you’ve ever attempted to play an instrument, you’ll love this. As an amateur guitarist, I know I did. Best movie I’ve seen this year since IDIOCRACY. 



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