Lost Angeles: Hell House of Hollywood

Posted: October 22, 2007 in The Roper Files


About ten years ago this cheery all-black place opened at 6666 Hollywood Blvd. It was owned and operated by Zeena LaVey (Antons daughter) and Nikolas Schrek ( who made the documentary CHARLES MANSON SUPERSTAR) Inside they sold black candles and all the other sorts of things you would need for your next black mass, as well as innocuous items such as back issues of FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND, EERIE, and CREEPY magazines. They also had a very ancient wooden table from the Devils Canyon miners shack where Manson was arrested that had the names or initials of the entire Family carved into it. I got Nikolas to sign my rare, out-of-print copy of THE MANSON FILE (“Beast wishes”) and bought one of their festive t-shirts as a souvenir.  (see below)


I wore this to a Mexican restaurant one Halloween. A couple across from me actually got up and turned their table around so they weren’t facing me; the pussies!

Hell House only lasted a couple of years. Eventually the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce pressured the property owner to evict them. The gay porno shop next door with the dildos and butt-plugs in the window apparently met the Hollywood Chamber of Commerces idea of family values standards, but Hell House was “just too offensive” and had to go.  I’ve still got my $1 “lifetime pass”; hey, I want my dollar back!



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