THE 666 CLUB by Brian Roper

Posted: October 21, 2007 in The Roper Files


Seen here is the front entrance to the File23 Central Command Post Compound and Concubine Indoctrination/Training Center…OK , not really. This in reality is a former Goodwill store that apparently is leased year-round by someone who runs one of those House Of Horror/Spookhouse type places on Fort Worths Bowery ( East Lancaster ) 

Every Halloween dozens of these places open up for a month or so preceding Halloween, then the rest of the year they sit idle. Presumably they spend the rest of the year getting ready for next Halloween. This particular building is just a few blocks from the homeless shelter. Fort Worths homeless give the entire area east of downtown Fort Worth an eerie DAWN OF THE DEAD-type feel year-round. If you really need a good reminder of just how good you have it, this is the part of Fort Worth to cruise through once in a while for a reality check. Sometimes I have driven past this building and seen a pair of legs and feet sticking out of the skulls mouth (some homeless person passed out inside) and cursed myself for not having my Konica with me. What a great visual!

I’ve often wondered about sub-leasing this place and turning it into the 666 Club. This is a rough area during the day; even I would be nervous about coming here after sundown. I really can’t see attempting to cater to a family-type crowd in this neighborhood. So a punk rock/ metal club would make a lot of sense here. You’d need a rough crowd mingling in the parking lot here to keep the locals from breaking into the cars.

But alas this would take a ton of money I don’t have to actually make it happen; great idea though, I think.



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