DRAT! JURY DUTY AGAIN! (part two) by Brian Roper

Posted: September 24, 2007 in The Roper Files


Reported on time once again for jury duty. Got there early and sat. And sat. And sat. At one point of the afternoon, several sirens pierced the air and we could hear fire engines rumbling underneath us on the street below the courtroom. Has there been an courtroom incident? Finally a bailiff emerges and tells us it could be as long as another hour before they know whether or not they actually need us. This is the equivalent of kicking over an ant-mound. Everyone begins pacing the room talking on their cell-phones in unison.

Close my eyes. This isn’t happening. Stuck in a courtroom full of my over-weight, heavily tattooed and pierced peers. What a nightmare. I’m dressed in cheerful black, but my clothes are clean at least. I even shaved and combed my hair. Can’t believe people actually wear sandals, low-cut jeans, halter tops etc. to court.  Must be their way of getting out of it, but the summons did say to dress appropriately. I’d hate to see their casual look. These prospective jurors look like a Jerry Springer audience. I half-expect Judge Judy to approach the bench.  The air-conditioning is set on Meat Locker; I want a cup of coffee. Finally after three hours of solid inactivity, they dole out the checks. It’s five o’clock; the courthouse is closed. Get out of here!

Hooray! Won’t have to do this again for two years at least. So much for civic duty.


Sept 24, 2007


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