Posted: September 21, 2007 in The Roper Files


That dreaded summons has arrived in the mail once again. Quick, which shirt should I wear (see my t-shirt collection on the File23 Flickr Photostream link on the right side of your screen) 

Wearing black and carrying a Bible usually works to get me out of it (“Vengence is mine saith the Lord!”) Bringing up my past head injuries usually helps to get me struck down fairly fast as well.  Six dollars a day; I could make more money picking up aluminum cans. I can’t afford to get stuck in some long drawn-out lawsuit.

Aren’t there people on un-employment out there with spare time on their hands? Yeah, yeah I know; without the jury system we’d have…something. Went down today and sat and sat and sat…only to be told to report back Monday. Damn it!

More time off my job I can’t afford. Of course I don’t get paid for this where I work like some companies do. Half my sacred Friday tied up with this as well. Got out of there just in time to visit the Montgomery St. Cafe for a fried-chicken lunch. Some good has to come from this day. Time to sleep off lunch now. Ah, sleep; precious sleep. 



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