TWO DAYS TO KILL by Brian Roper

Posted: September 15, 2007 in The Roper Files


A strange good mood has come over me this week. I’m so used to being depressed it’s kind of disconcerting. What’s happening to me?

 Actually I’m kind of savoring one of lifes little victories. My boss did an informal survey where I work this week and figured out everyone was pissed about our new work schedule that required us to come in every other Friday and told us to act like this never happened. We’re going back to our old schedule! THANK YOU SIR! Fridays are now sacred again. 

Furthermore, it hasn’t been a bad week as far as they go. Groaned through my forty hours and the weekend is finally here. Drinking fresh kona bean coffee and listening to music; this is the way to spend quality time. Eight in the morning and I’ve already done three loads of clothes and washed the bird shit off my truck at the car wash; not bad. Not bad at all. Just dug out an old Eno 3-disc box set and have Third Uncle blaring away right now. Forgot what a great tune this was.

There are endless chores to be done. Haven’t cleaned the house in three weeks; I really need to do that. The yard could use mowing; my truck needs an oil change. Need to go get a couple of money orders for a couple of bills and then I also need to visit the grocery store…

I’ve spent the entire week going places I didn’t want to go and doing things I didn’t want to do; gotta draw a line in the quicksand somewhere. Enough. No more. Fini.

This is a declaration of freedom from my responsibilities. Time for coffee, TVLand and music. Let the coffee flow…


Sept 15 2007


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