Posted: September 9, 2007 in The Roper Files

jam125.jpgIf you keep up with my blogs you probably think I’m one grouchy middle-aged guy (and you’re right) but I have my good days occasionally. Today is one of them.

Found a used Pioneer receiver at a local pawnshop for $70; so now music plays once again in my apartment. I have stacks of speakers as tall as I am in my living room and was getting tired of looking at them standing there silent. Now 120-watt-per-channel noise reigns supreme here at the File23 Central Command Post once again.

It’s a beautiful (aside from being very humid) Sunday morning outside. Sitting here drinking fresh kona bean coffee and listening to Los Straitjackets. Mornings don’t get much more pleasant than this. Need to clean the house, but I refuse to get too worked up over it. I’ll get around to it.

Got up early and mowed the yard before it got hot outside; one task down, one to go. Not like I haven’t gotten anything done.

What have YOU gotten done today? Like I care.


Sept 9 2007


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