So Who DO We Believe? by Brian Roper

Posted: September 2, 2007 in The Roper Files

duck soupduck-soup.jpgThe grim anniversary of 9/11 is upon us. Six years later the national treasury has been drained, our troops are hopelessly quagmired in Iraq just like none other than the Big Dick  himself predicted back in 1994:

And Osama what’s-his-name? Oh yeah…him…uh…Good thing there’s no draft (yet) Americans should be noisily protesting and rioting in the streets in anger to the screw-job of a shell game that is the New World Order.

But we don’t do shit. We sit in front of the television and drink and watch the most redundant programming in fifty years. American Idol…it’s a damn talent show, people. Dancing With the Stars. Hell’s Kitchen. Lost. Survivor.  I refuse to watch this swill; now put on something along the lines of WHO WANTS TO EVISCERATE A BILLIONAIRE and you got me. Until then produce TV I can watch, please.

Karl Marx once described religion as the opium of the people, but I think that’s over-simplifying. Throw in football, NASCAR, reality TV and every other diversion Wall Street can think up and then you’re on the right track.

Like lemmings we trample each other in the Best Buy or the Wal-Mart doorway to get that GPS system, an I-phone, this years Playstation, a new I-pod and every other electronic trinket and knick-knack that we have been convinced we just HAVE to own. Heaven forbid we get that worked up over our mainstream media that is owned and operated by various NeoCon-owned corporations and serves up non-informative news and non-entertaining entertainment. Or express that level of frustration with a Congress that rubber-stamps legislation that effectively over-rides the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights. No, it’s easier and less risky to Just Shut Up. OK screw the mainstream media (and push once for me); let’s turn to the DisInformation Highway of the Internet. 

Here is Alex Jones Infowars. If you’re really into conspiracies, you can spend all day on this site: 

Now meet the original Mr. Know-It-All:  This guy claims to be a Christian while using a lot of un-Christian language to label all conspiracy theorists and 9/11 truthers as “retards and assholes”  He is quick to remind you of his superior intellect ( ever hear of the sin of…oh well, forget it; why bother? ) and I could be wrong ( the preceding five words you’ll never see on Mr. Know-It-Alls page) but I don’t think he cares much for Alex Jones.

Debunkers and Conspiracy Theorists have been at each others’ throats since the JFK assassination, but the events of that unfortunate September day have been fueling the arguments on both sides ever since. I have my own set of questions about certain going-ons that happened, mainly where the hell were the F-16s ? In every movie I’ve seen for the last fifty years, whenever someone finds an unorthodox or magical way to fly, the fighter jets are always on their ass like flies on shit. ( I’m thinking about Fred MacMurray in that FLUBBER movie flying in that old jalopy, smoking his Bob Dobbs pipe and waving at the pilots) Nineteen certain individuals aside, an awful lot of people seem to have been asleep at the wheel that day.  The crime scene was rapidly disassembled in a way that has made any serious re-investigation impossible. Why was shipping the steel beams out of the country ASAP such a priority? And of course the age-old question: who benefits? Lots of people (Silverstein, the Carlyle Group, the mysterious investors who dumped all their United and American Airlines stock Sept. 10 ) actually financially benefitted afterwords from that day; how much of this has been investigated?

And now if you will allow me to play Devils Advocate for just a moment, the single best argument against the entire 9/11 Truth movement and numerous Conspiracy Theorists would be the sheer complexity of the alleged conspiracy would have to work against it’s success. Look at the incompetence of the handling of Katrina, or the bungling and the mismanaging of the misguided War On Terror (one word: IRAQ! ) and that alone is your best argument in defense of our governments non-involvement. United 93 notwithstanding, somebodys plan worked, and on a budget. Three out of four planes successfully hijacked with a  mere handful of low-tech box-cutters.

I would be more inclined to believe the governments side of the story if they hadn’t lied about the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the USS Liberty attack, WMDs and almost everything else ever since. They have yet to be honest enough to admit every war since WWII was an utterly pointless waste of human life and resources that benefitted a very tiny percentage of our population and no one else. The facts are so muddled, the evidence destroyed, the crime scene dismantled. Realistically, it’s impossible at this point for anyone on either side of the debate to know the truth. And as the dismal anniversary of 9/11 rolls around, there is a very real possibility that military operations against Iran may begin by the time you read this (nearly thirty years too late in my opinion)

Why Ask Questions?  Trust the government?  Uh, yeah…right.



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