Posted: August 24, 2007 in The Roper Files

I have been working four days a week for over a decade. Four ten-hour shifts, Monday through Thursday. Pretty grueling, but having Friday off means a lot to me.  A job benefit I take no lighter than health insurance or my 401K. For years I would watch the traffic report on Friday morning, sip my coffee and laugh at everyone else. “Ha ha…you poor saps!”  Now, twice a month I’m going to be one  of those poor saps. Goddammit!

Friday is such a great day to get things done. No one at the laundrymat. No one at the bank. No one at the grocery store. Another shred of sanity surgically snipped away. Just like the lead character in OFFICE SPACE, I too now have about eight bosses. One of the main bosses’ new lackey douchebags  came up with this brilliant fucking brainstorm to change our schedule; the boss went for it without thinking about it too hard. Last time they changed the schedule, they let us vote on it. Apparently voting doesn’t fall into the scheme of things in our New Order of doing business.

This screws up a lot of things for me; I don’t take lightly to enforced lifestyle changes. I’m going to be spending  more money for gas in exchange for  the same old paycheck. And then there’s  being penalized a days’ pay for a doctors/dentist visit ( in addition to the c0-pay) which was one of the reasons we went to the four-day schedule to begin with. This is so pointless; what a crock of shit.

If there’s any upside, I still get every other Friday off. But how long will that last?  How long before they decide I should report to work every Friday? “This sucks” is a highly over-used expression these days, but right now I would be pretty hard-pressed to improve on it.

It’s not like the workload is increasing; it was all I could do to look busy for 10 hours Thursday. I haven’t worked overtime in years; everytime we get any noticable increase in work, the boss puts an ad in the paper and hires every prick with ears that walks in the door. The workload is stretched so thin it’s ridiculous. Too many people standing around; don’t think the boss is going to be happy until we’re all working elbow-to-elbow like some Chinese ball-bearing factory. 

Thank God today is Friday. Ah, the healing power of the weekend.Today is my birthday; happy birthday to me!  49 and feeling old….groan.



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