Posted: August 17, 2007 in The Roper Files

Friday. Sacred Friday. No more menial job until Monday, the Day of Dread. Two solid weeks of hundred-degree heat have broken. Rain is falling lightly outside.Mowed the yard in a mysterious, unexplainable burst of energy after work Wednesday evening; perfect timing. Just walked in few minutes ago from a big fat steak dinner.

Not really in the budget, but I got paid yesterday and I’ve been picking up aluminum cans and counting pennies for the last two weeks. Time to treat myself. I’se nigga rich!

Of course every time I open the mailbox is another reminder of why I need to continue to be semi-thrifty. The electric bill. The water bill. And my eternal favorite, the cable bill.

The bills are as dependably relentless as the summer humidity. An envelope of anthrax would almost be preferable. Put me out of this misery, please!

Things could be worse; need to look at the bright side. Right now I’m cozy. Cushy. Just went out with an umbrella and went to the local Dairy Queen. Don’t like their food too much (or it doesn’t like me; take your pick) but I love their chocolate malts. Slurping on one now and watching SABATA with Lee Van Cleef on cable. Will be asleep soon.

Have maxed out my free Flickr page; there’s a total of 200 pics there. You can get to it by clicking this here link:    http://www.flickr.com/photos/37505794@N00/ 

Will be expanding it shortly; stay tuned!



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