Posted: August 9, 2007 in The Roper Files

Got up this morning pre-dawn as usual, drove across Fort Worth, got to work on time. And then I discover there’s work in everyones’ department except mine. Sometimes I wonder if my boss is trying to get me to quit by cutting off my work. Phoning in sick today would have saved me some gas. But I put in my guest appearance anyway just for appearances sake.

Stood around with my thumb straight up my ass ( hey, look at me; just like the mid-level management ) for five and a half hours before I snapped and snuck out early at lunchtime. Can only take so much of this boredom. Ten hours goes by a lot faster when there’s something to do. 

Summer finally arrived with a vengence. We’ve been really lucky so far this year; with lots of rain and the temperature has hovered in the 90’s instead of what we had last year, which was 100-plus temperatures from Memorial Day to Halloween. But now summer is finally here. My air-conditioning can just barely keep up, running a little warmer than what I’ve got it set on. Summer in Texas is not for everyone; but after 49 years I’m more or less used to it. There are advantages; my legion of stray cats eat a little less, saving me a little money. When I mop the floor in my house, it dries a little faster. But summer is still pretty relentless. Not taking as many walks, thus cutting down on my exercise. But who cares about getting hot and sweaty this time of year? I sure don’t.

Man, daytime TV sucks! Two hundred channels of CRAP. Now there’s a Chips Ahoy commercial with claymation cookies singing the Human Leagues “Don’t You Want Me”

Is nothing sacred? Making me feel old. Stop that!

Bored. Depressed. Ought to do something. Go to a movie; go to a museum. Get some ice cream. Umm…ice cream. Finish that book; take a nap. Now there’s an idea.

One I can actually afford, too.


Aug 9 2007


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